This page is dedicated to build the best freestyle/race tinywhoop or toothpick. So you will find some build examples and ONLY the best parts.

I try to find the best parts everywhere, by testing them and by looking feedbacks from people.

You will be able to find more parts (and details for each part, like the prices, comparisons etc) for tinywhoop/toothpick on WhichFPVKwad !

65mm frame

75mm frame

85mm frame

Toothpick Frame

I created a specific page for the best toothpick/twig frame you could use:


LeDroneClub released many good frames here:

I did some modifications of them that you could get too:

080X motors

110X motors

Spedix or Skystars motor

You will be able to read my review of these motors HERE.

Kabab Hyperlite (1S)


I did a review of these motors HERE.





120X motors







HQProp 65 (1.5mm shaft)

HQProp T3X2 (1.5mm shaft)

Pyrodrone (1.5mm shaft)

3DPower (1.5mm shaft)

KingKong (1mm shaft)

Emax (1.5mm shaft)


HD Camera


  • UR65
  • Mobula7
  • LeDroneClub:
  • GateHunter MicroPod:


You should go to this page to have the best LIPO.


Tip & tricks

Lipo Holder

I see many people use a strap to hold the lipo, or elastic. But I think we have good TPU option to hold correctly the LIPO.

I did some TPU LIPO Holder because I think elastics are not durable and strong enough. Moreover straps doesn’t fit this kind of build. But a simple TPU LIPO Holder will maintain perfectly your 1S/2S/3S LIPO.

LIPO Holder

You can get them on thingiverse.

I suggest to add also this thing in your build to hold more the LIPO:

LIPO Holder

Wire too short ?

You have a high chance if you are doing a toothpick that the wire of your motors will be too short. For that RaceWire or ThugWire will be important:

UR65/UK65 reboot

DragonFly 1S

For example if you got a 1S brushless whoop (i.e: UR65/UK65/US65) that you would like to switch. You can swap directly your FC + VTX Camera in the canopy and the motors.

The final build will be 27g and 36g with an 1S LIPO (300mah) (in this photo it is with 0802 motors, so the weight with 06XX should be a little bit less):

DragonFly 1S

It is clearly not the same quad that you will have, much more fun and more long flights compared to the existing build. You can really use it to have some fun for freestyle:


75mm (1S)

Definitively my best TinyWhoop for indoor and outdoor (without any wind) is composed of the following elements:

  • Mobula7 Frame
  • HappyModel 0802 22000kv
  • UR65 VTX/Camera
  • GNB 1S 520
  • Crazybee F3

Of course you need to do MockingBird configuration on it !!

85mm (2S)

TinyWhoop 85mm aka ShutterBug85:

  • BetaFPV 85X Frame
  • 1103 motors
  • BetaFPV or GePRC AIO 12A 2-4S
  • BetaFPV vtx
  • Emax AVAN 2 inch

My only advice is to use a 2S > 300 mah, like the GNB 2S 450mah because EVAN 2 inch props will drain a lot your LIPO 😉

85mm (3S)



I used for this one a modified frame that I did:

By adding TPU frame of 0.4mm on it you will have a real beautiful build 😉

After that you need:

  • BetaFPV/GePRC AIO 12A 2-4S
  • TacoRC props
  • GateHunter MicroPod
  • Caddx EOS2
  • Spedix 1103 11000kv
  • BetaFPV VTX

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