Complete guide to improve the flight of your UR65/UK65/US65 drone

This post is a complete guide to improve the flight of the UK65/US65 quad by doing 4 steps.

By doing the following steps you will gain more time flight and more precise flight !

If you want more details, spare parts, mods you can go also to WhichFPVKwad.

If you want to switch it to a tiny rocket or find ONLY best part for you tinywhoop, please check this page.

For the LIPO, you should check this page with the BEST LIPO for tinywhoop

Change the power connector

The default JST connector is a 26 awg one and it seems that you can improve form 20 to 35 seconds your flight time (and a more stable voltage) by using a great quality 24 awg wire from BetaFPV.

So you need to change the current JST 26 awg for a 24 awg connector:

Better LIPO

The default LIPO provided by Eachine is good but the 300mah from GNB/BetaFPV seems to have better feedbacks from pilot:

You could probably find other good 1S LIPO but most of the time it will not fill correctly in the frame, you need to stay on 300 mah or 250/260mah.

4 blades

The 4 blades propeller from Eachine or Gemfan seems to improve also your stability of the quad and less jello effect, so it is definitively a must have:

I got also good results with the 3 blades from Gemfan:



You can upgrade the motors to an higher KV like:

Other spare parts









MockingBird is originally a project to get the same kind of Inductrix flight for new tinywhoops. A big thank to Patrick to have launch this project.

You will see a great improvement for your flight, more control on your quad and you will be able to do tricks easily 🙂

I have done these settings with Betaflight 3.4 (it is the default version that you will got by getting the UK65/US65) and I will do a new post for Betaflight 3.5

Of course all these modifications will not destroy your quad or whatever weird things that you can think about 🙂 !

Remove your propellers

Yes please remove ALL propellers from your quad to avoid any problem during this guide !

Reverse Motor direction

Why ? It is a great benefits to do that with small brushless tiny whoop to turn quickly and without “washes out” in hard corners. BetaFPV did a great doc about that, so it is must read !

The first step is to install blheli in Chrome.


Next you will need to plug you quad via usb, and you will see:

At this point you need to PLUG a LIPO in the quad and click on “read setup”. You will see normally something like that for each motors:


So all you need to do is to click on “Motor direction” for each motor and changed to “Reversed”


And click on “Write Setup” to apply these new settings !

If you want to flight with your quad now it will not works because we need to do the same in BetaFlight, so the software will be able to take that into consideration.

Normally you should see that in BetaFlight:


You will need to click on “Motor direction is changed”:

And “Save”.

Alright, you can flight with your quad right now and you will see IMMEDIATE benefits for your flight !

Betaflight Settings Modification


Still in the “Configuration” tab, please disable MOTOR_STOP:


and set the “Arming” value to:


and the “camera tilt” value to:


And basically you must have these value too in the configuration, but all you need is also “AIR MODE” enable to able to do more advance freestyle tricks:

In the PID tab, you will need to change many things. We will use two rate profiles for the Acro and Angle modes.


For Acro:


For Angle:


So you need to active these rate pofiles when you switch from Acro to Angle by enabling the “Expert mode” in Betaflight:


And in the “Adjustments” category, we must add trigger when we switch from Acro to Angle in order to get the correct rates:


For the different mode, you must setup something like:


In the “CLI” of Betaflight, you must write the following settings:

  • set rc_interp_ch = RPYT
  • set rc_smoothing_type = FILTER
  • set airmode_start_throttle_percent = 15
  • set thr_corr_value = 3
  • set thr_corr_angle = 550
  • set pidsum_limit = 1000
  • set pidsum_limit_yaw = 1000
  • set throttle_boost = 8
  • set throttle_limit_type = CLIP

and finish by writing “save” in order to reboot/save all these settings.

Voila !

I will publish soon a video to explain and shows the benefits of each modifications !

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