FuriousFPV True-D X (with EV200D)

EV200D is a good FPV goggle, specially for the price. But the receivers are cheap and 2 receivers is eating auickly the battery. Have we better option ? Yes !! The True-D X from Furious FPV is the must have if you have the EV200D.


EV200D is great but I encountered few problems:

  • the 2 receivers consumed a lot of the orginal battery, so don’t really expect to have it pozer up during 1 hour
  • the range and the quality of these receivers (20$) are not super good and we don’t get any update
  • the menu of the ev200D is crappy !

So I decided to search for some compatible good receiver, and it was a pain until Furious FPV release their latest receiver: the True-D X.

You will find plenty of videos and reviews on youtube but here the main features:

  • Advanced angalog video processing
  • Support OSD display
  • Update firmware and logo by ios/android app
  • Lap timer
  • Track ball
  • Follow mode: can cantrol VTX via bluetooth (FC betaflight)
  • Find mode : will beep louder and faster as you move closer to your drone.

I will do another article about all these features in a next part. But right now the True-D X is really close to the rapidfire receiver, so it is a good one if you want to invest into a high quality receiver.

If you want to use the True-D X, you can directly by doing the following steps:

  • remove original receivers of the ev200D
  • cut a little bit the plastic of the original receiver on the left and ² to fit the ev200d
  • cut inside the ev200d a little bit so the receiver will be secure properly and it will not move
  • insert the True-D X receiver on the left or right, normally it should not move. If it is the case, please repeated the previous steps
  • update the True-D X to version 1.2 to have a good support of the ev200D

Few screenshots to help you:


After using it since one month permanently I found really an improvement of the quality of my flight and the features are really good. Moreover I don’t need to use the crappy menu to switch to another channel (only for the DVR).

If you are looking for some antennas to use with it, here two good one.


The poker chip antenna:


A pagado antenna:

After flashing to the 1.2 firmware you will be able to support 16:9 and 4:3 flights. The only drawback that I found is the quality of the DVR (too much light), like:


The original battery of the ev200D are not super practical and the life of the battery is not enough. I suggest to update it by using the Furious FPV case v2:

All you need is to insert 2×18650 battery and go. The main practical things is the button to power up/shutdown the goggle.

Furious FPV True-D X


Signal Quality


Goggle Support


Firmware Upgrade



  • Support EV200D
  • Signal quality


  • DVR/OSD issues with EV200D

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  1. Hey,
    It’s diversity not quad-diversity right? That is you use ‘only’ one receiver? Can you do quad-diversity with 2 true-d x?



  2. Hello, THanks for the great write up, I was able to get True DX working on my ev200d and I love it. Only one thing missing is, I am not getting any OSD in the goggle screen, even after setting it to OSD on true DX, is this how it is or any more settings to be done. TIA

  3. salut j’ai une question les rapidfire ont peut aussi les installer et utilise sur les ev200d ?

    hi i have a question the rapidfire can also be installer and use on the ev200d?

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