NamelessRC AIO board for tinywhoop/toothpick !


With the toothpick wave, manufacturers did new AIO board in order to support more amps. Right now 3 AIO board supports 12A, Geprc, Betafpv and Iflight.

But a new one is coming from NamelessRC for 36$, so cheaper compared to the others. Moreover this board is really a new one, because previous boards (at least BetaFPV/Geprc) was exactly the same.

The board is now available on Banggood for 36$.

What about the specs ?

  • 2-4S input
  • continue current: 12A
  • peak current: 15A
  • firmware: blheli_s
  • DSHOT600
  • F411 (MATEKF411 , MK41) with built in current sensor
  • MPU6000 Gyro
  • buzzer pad
  • invert/non invert sbus port
  • 4.2g

They did some tests (as you can see in the video) to see if the board is handling correctly some peak current by puttin a screw inside the props 😉

The board is not release yet, but I will put a links asap when it will be available.

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