Diatone Cube: Toothpick (pre-order) !

Diatone is doing a toothpick too !! After their excellent 3inch ER349, they are doing multiple versions of a ToothPick: the Diatone Cube !

You can pre-order NOW on diatone. The 2.5 inch version will cost 119$ and the 3 inch version will cost 129$. You can also order from Banggood:

I like TinyWhoop and ToothPick, and this one looks really good. First of all they understand to put all the FC/ESC/CAMERA/VTX in the center of the frame, so it will be really good for the center of gravity.

Next they did classical mounting holes for their 1103/1105 apparently, so you will be able to use these motors in other frame if you want. I’m not sure it will be possible to change the angle of the camera, but let’s wait the final version.

They are also using the TBS NANO vtx and the newbeedrone camera !

So what’s exactly new ?

  • A new carbon frame
  • a 2.5inch ( 40-43g ) and 3inch ( 45-55g ) version (3mm carbon and 4mm carbon respectively)
  • NewBeeDrone Camera
  • a new Mamba F411 16*16 ( F411NANO )
  • new Mamba motors 1103 (6500kv:3s, 8500kv:2S, 10000kv:2S) and 1105 (5500kv:3s) motors

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