Review: Skystars 1103 11000kv

The Skystars motor seems an interesting product for Toothpick quad or tinywhoop. They have different kv, from 2S to 4S LIPO support. I tested them on Toothpick frame, so let’s start the review !


You will be able to find multiples versions of Skystars motor 1103, but it is exactly the same, except the KV. Moreover these motors are Spedix rebranding, so they are pretty efficient. I compared them to original Spedix, and I don’t see any difference. They have indeed 3 versions, one that looks like the classical speedix with 11000kv, and a new one (different color) with 11000/8000kv, both version with NSK bearings, two c-clips and really strong magnets !

  • KV: 11000KV
  • Input Voltage: 2-3S Lipo
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Motor Height: 15.6mm 
  • Plug Connector: Micro JST-1.25 3 Pins 
  • Cable Length: 48mm
  • Weight: 3g ( without cable)
  • 11000KV/8000KV
  • Height: 15.6mm
  • Width: 13.8mm
  • Shaft: φ1.5mm
  • Length of Wire: 58mm
  • Voltage: 3.7-11.1V
  • Weight:3.3g (With Wire)
  • Plug Connector: Micro JST-1.25 3 Pins


I like the quality of the motor, the wires are really well protected at the base of the motor, so it will avoid you to cut them easily.

They added a c-clip at the top to avoid the shaft to pop up. The shaft is exactly 1.5mm and I have not got any problems of size with different tested propellers (whocare, hq, kingkong). Moreover they are using the classical hole patterns with 4 holes, so you will be able to use them with all classic toothpick frame for example.

The magnet that they used are really strong and you will feel them if you turn a motor.

The weight is also important on toothpick quad: 3g, so really light, and perfect for this kind of build !!


You can look in my video how they performed directly. With 3S you will have a lot of fun with them, and they handle that perfectly. Be aware to have a good FC to support the amps, like all the new one up to 12A per ESC.

They are clearly not the best 1103 motors, but they are really not fragile and strong. The design is not super too but as I said: they are doing the job.


The price is around 8$, so it is pretty cheap if you compare with others 1103 motors, but they are really efficient and strong. They are not so smooth if you compare to the APEX Sonic 1103 or NIN 1103 for example, but really powerfull.

These motors are definitively a good choice if you’re budget is low and you are looking for 1103 motors for a ToothPick or a Shutterbug85. You will not break this motor easily so perfect choice to flight your quad in extreme condition and to test new tricks !!

Skystars 1103 11000kv

8.19$ or 8.95$

Wire quality











  • Price
  • Durable


  • Smooth

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