HappyModel Larva X

HappyModel is doing new toothpick: the LarvaX

My review is now available.

Review: HappyModel LarvaX

The main features for me are:

  • 2-3S support via the new crazybee f4 v3 pro
  • 100mm wheelbase for 50g (a frame of 2.5 mm ?)
  • HappyModel 1103 7000kv
  • Diamond VTX for 25/200mvw and direct record in the sdcard !
  • Runcam Nano 2 !
  • A tpu canopy with a nice look and enough space for the heat of the vtx
  • Less than 100$

I like the specs, and I hope the crazybee board will handle so much power !

You can start preorder on:

HappyModel did a quick video of it:


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  1. A shameless Diatone Cube clone… smh… Frankly I am somewhat surprised that Crappymodel is able to sell anything considering how bad their electronics are.

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