Geelang Hobby: UFO-85X 4K Cinewhoop

A new 4K tinywhoop/cinewhoop will be availabe this month: The UFO-85X 4K from Geelang Hobby ! Right now there is two tinywhoop that support the caddx tarsier: the eachine cinecan and the betafpv 85X 4K.

You can preorder now for 203$ @Qwinout.

Geelang Hobby is working now on their own tinywhoop 4K. I got some specifications and here the first information.

Many new interesting specifications on this 4K tinywhoop:

  • 78g without the battery, by using a 85mm wheelbase plastic frame
  • Canopy is in plastic and looks like the same as we saw like with the UR85/Cinecan (except that it fit the caddx tarsier)
  • new 1204 5000kv motor to support 4S
  • Supra F4 board AIO 12A to handle the 4S
  • caddx tarsier, so the best resolution right now on such quad
  • new 4S LIPO 260mah to add enough power to use this quad correctly (up to 112g with this LIPO): up to 3:30min (with a classical 450mah up to 5:30min)
  • propellers are the 2inch emax avan
  • VTX will support 25/200mw
  • the price will be less < 230$ so in the same range as others

It seems that the frame will be in plastic, without any carbon frame to avoid washout. They are using a new design for the props guard too maybe to improve the solidity. They use only a small carbon part at the LIPO area to solidify all parts.

I like the idea to push tiny 4S LIPO on this quad to have enough power to support the weight of the caddx tarsier. Moreover it will be the first quad that will use 1204 motors on such build, pretty exited to see how it performs !

I have been able to get a first footage of this quad, I will try to post new things directly on my channel too, so you should subscribe.

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