AK47 – A 5inch frame from Marseille ?

Marseille is well known for the Pastis, soap, drugs, and now for the strongest 5inch carbon frame : the AK47 !

Team Mistral (apparently some people who are working in the south of France :)) created this new frame. According to them the carbon that they used is stronger than Armattan and maybe stronger than AstroX !

What are the main features:

  • 5inch squished frame ( 215mm wheelbase) specially designed for Freestyle and Cinematic
  • 6mm for the arms, that you can easily swap !!
  • 2mm for the bottom and top plate
  • a 2mm bumper for the bottom plate to increase the solidity and change it easily
  • a LIPO pad
  • Support 20×20 or 30×30 FC+ESC
  • Support mini camera

The price of this frame is 99$, so it is not super expensive for the high quality of such carbon and the design. You can get the frame from FPV-FLY directly, they ship everywhere in the world.

About support, they already provided the following one:

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