Fana Box Hero: Best GoPro Hero FPV protection ?

I’m sure that all pilots have already searched the best way to protect their GoPro Hero (5/6/7) during their flights.

You have few solutions already:

  • the classical GoPro underwater protection, bu pretty heavy with ~100g
  • a TPU protection specifically designed for your frame, again you will not around 50g, and the GoPro will not really protection
  • a pro protection from MDC

You will need also something simple to hold and more important to change your ND filter between flights.

Fanatic XFrame created a new solution that cover multiple points for the GoPro Hero 5/6/7 (not the session), the Fana Box Hero !

  • Light (25g)
  • Strong with TPU (you can also print yours directly because they provided for free on thingiverse) and carbon pieces
  • Awesome protection of the GoPro
  • Easy to use the touchscreen and to change ND filter
  • Cheap (33$ !)

Inside a nice box, you will find all the parts to assemble it by yourself. It will be done in 2 minutes, very simple.

The protection is composed of multiple parts:

  • a TPU protection that support the ND filter and at the same time protection the main face of the GoPro (but you are able to read the tiny screen)
  • 3 pieces of 1.5mm carbon that will protect the GoPro.
  • Screws and external parts to assemble it

As you could see in the attached screenshots it is really easy to assemble. The carbon at the back of the camera is used to protect the GoPro but also to swap it quickly and have access to the touchscreen.

You will have access to all existing parts of the GoPro like the battery, the sdcard, the usb port .. without removing the protection.

if you look closely to the images, you will see that the GoPro is protected all around, so the GoPro will never be in contact with something directly, all shocks will be for the carbon plates (and the TPU).

If you are interested to get one, the price is around 33$, please contact them directly via facebook on their page: Fanatic XFrame.

Fana Box Hero








ND filter


Access to GoPro features


Different choice of colors (black, red, green, blue, orange)


GoPro Protection



  • Light
  • Strong
  • Cheap
  • Still able to use correctly the GoPro
  • ND filter support

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