On this page you will find the best LIPO (3S/4S/6S) that I found to flight my 3inch quad. With the latest stack, you can go up to 6S so you need to chose an efficient and light LIPO. For light 3inch quad I added some 3S LIPO in case you want to try a light setup.


GNB 300mah 80C (11$) (28.5g)
GNB 450mah 80/160C (13$) (45g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (14$) (40g)
BetaFPV 300mah 45C (11$) (24.8g)


CNHL 650mah 70 (15$) (87g)
Tattu 650mah 75C (15.99$) (70g)
GNB 650mah 80C (18.99$) (80g)
Infinity 550mah 75C (18$) (73g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (15$) (53g)


GNB 550mah 80C (24.99$) (109g)
HGLRC 550mah 80C (32.99$) (115g)

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