Best LIPO for 3 inch quad

On this page you will find the best LIPO (3S/4S/6S) (XT30) that I found to flight my 3inch quad. With the latest stack, you can go up to 6S so you need to chose an efficient and light LIPO.

For light 3inch quad, like toothpick with 11XX/12XX/13XX motors, I added some 3S LIPO in case you want to try a light setup.

Light 3 inch (11XX/12XX/13XX)


GNB 11.4V 450mAh 80C (40g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (14$) (40g)
GNB 520mah 80C (56g)
GNB 550mah 50/100C


GNB 4S 80C 450mah (53g) (if you have some 12XX motors with your toothpick, this battery will be your best friend !).
GNB 4S 520mah 80C (55g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (15$) (53g)

Classic 3 inch (14XX/15XX/16XX)


CNHL 650mah 70 (15$) (87g)
Tattu 650mah 75C (15.99$) (70g)
GNB 650mah 80C (18.99$) (80g)
Infinity 550mah 75C (18$) (73g)
GNB 750 80C (14.99$) (91g)
GNB 850 80C (20.80$) (112g)


GNB 550mah 80C (24.99$) (109g)
HGLRC 550mah 80C (32.99$) (115g)

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