Best LIPO for TinyWhoop/ToothPick

On this page you will find the best LIPO (1S/2S/3S/4S) that I found to flight my tinywhoop or toothpick quad.

I have tested all these LIPO to be sure that they worked well (good charge and discharge rate), and as you can see GNB is really the best LIPO provider for tinywhoop and toothpick right now that’s why there is a lot for each LIPO rate.

1S <= 300mah

Nitro Nectar Gold (6.99$) (8.1g) is the best 1S 300 mah LIPO. It is a 40C/80C and handle really well in the long term, and doesn’t puffed easily !! No way to find a better LIPO for your Tinywhoop !
GNB 300mah 30C (7.99$) (7.5g) is one of the best 1S LIPO if you are looking of high charge/discharge with a tiny weight.

1S > 300mah

CNHL 450mah 70C (4$) (15g)
GNB 450mah 80C (4.99$) (13g) (best 1S LIPO with high capacity (like the 520), so long flight).
GNB 520mah 80C (6.59$) (21g)


GNB 350mah 50C/100C (12$) (21g)
CNHL 450mah 70C (8.50$) (35g)
GNB 300mah PH2.0 (best value for any 2S PH2.0 drone, for example the TinyHawk)
GNB 2S 450mah 80C (29g) (If you are looking to increase your flight time on 2S, it is the LIPO you need).


GNB 300mah 80C (11$) (28.5g) (If you have any 11XX toothpick, grab this one to have the best weight)
GNB 11.4V 450mAh 80C (40g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (14$) (40g)
BetaFPV 300mah 45C (11$) (24.8g)
GNB 520mah 80C (56g)
GNB 550mah 50/100C


GNB 4S 80C 450mah (53g) (if you have some 12XX motors with your toothpick, this battery will be your best friend !).
GNB 4S 520mah 80C (55g)
BetaFPV 450mah 75C (15$) (53g)

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  1. I am using the GNB 520 2S and 3S.
    2S is 28gr
    3S is 41gr

    The 2S is really nice on toothpicks. The 3S is great on 3’’ and larger. I also used it on a HD toothpick… but you feel the weight.

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