Review: AMAX 1103 5000KV

I was looking for good motors for the TWIG Frame so why not tested some AMAX 1103 ?

I was aware since a long time that these motors were good, from Kabab FPV for example, but it was my first time on it. So I got the 5000KV version that support up to 3S.

These motors are really superior to what I tested (high quality 1103 motors like APEX Sonic, Flywoo). If you are looking for an high level toothpick build, these motors are probably what your are looking for !

Moreover their new one have the classical 4 mount holes pattern that will works on most of the toothpick frame !


  • Lipo Cell: 1-3S Max.100W / 8.5A @12V
  • Magnets: N52H
  • Cable: 8.5cm
  • Weight: 3.8g
  • Package Included:
    • 1 x 1103 Brushless Motor
    • 2 x M2*7mm Screws
    • 3 x M2*5mm Screws 


The quality of the wire is really good, and they are using N52H magnets so really strong. They have also a small gap between the stator and magnets and you will feel the difference with cheaper motors.

The weight is 3.8g and the shaft is 1.5mm so you can use all these new awesome props from HQProp, like the T65, T65T, T3x2 for example.


If you want high 1103 motors, you should get this one. The motors are really smooth, balanced and powerful. Even if with an 1103 motor on 3S you can have a lot of speed.


The motor are cheaper on AMAX shop directly for 9.99$ if you get 4 rather than Banggood. So the price is really correct for this quality of motor.

For 9.99$ you will have a good motor for your toothpick build and you will feel a lot of difference.

AMAX 1103 5000KV


Wire quality











  • Pleasure to flight with these motors
  • Very smooth and powerfull

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  1. Hi,
    Just share my experience. These are really good motors, but now i stop using them, really fed up, i have 2 builds using them on 5000 and 7500Kv, and i have 5 failed, always the same, wire broke between motors wires and windings. I succed to repair 2, re-solder, but others impossible to access to the winding.

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