Review: HappyModel Diamond VTX

HappyModel released few weeks ago their AIO VTX + DVR: Diamond VTX. It is really usefull if you are building tinywhoop or toothpick. It will avoid you to embedded another board to record the flight in the drone. Let’s see !!


  • Output power: 25~200mw switchable
  • Frequency: 40CH
  • Input voltage: 4.8v~5.5v
  • Current consumption: 250mA~510mA(type)
  • Antenna: RG178 antenna
  • U.FL interface
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 5bands 40 channels with Raceband
  • Smartaudio ready
  • Weight: 3g without antenna
  • Video Output Size: VGA (640×480)
  • Video Output format: NTSC
  • Record video size : 1280×720 @25FPS
  • TF Card support: Max.32G
  • Interface: JST SH1.0 3pin for Camera
  • JST SH1.0 5pin for Connect with F3/F4 Flight controller
  • Compress Format: AVI
  • Built-in DVR(Video size 1280×720)


I tested it with the Foxeer Predator Nano 4 on a light 3 inch build, as you could see in the video. I like to have such quality of my flight without any glitch inside.

You will use this VTX as other one, it not bigger compared to other, the only thing to add is the SDCARD (maximum capacity is 32G). After that by default it will record automatically the flight after you plug the LIPO.

The record will be split in 2 minutes video so that’s a negative point but HappyModel said they will fixed that with a firmware upgrade. To be honnest it was not really a pain because most of the time, the flight with a toothpick or tinywhoop is quick and around 2.30 minutes.

The next thing is to not forget to push the button at the end of the flight because you will loose the latest seconds/minutes of your flights otherwise 🙁 and it is really something that you could forget easily. I hope too that they will fix that in a future upgrade.

But I like the idea to have the VTX+DVR in the same board, it is simple and pretty nice. They provided some rubber mount for the board and wires to solder it.

Otherwise the VTX is working well on 25/200mw and it looks like the same that we have in the Mobula7, Trashcan etc

I have also not observed any lag or freeze due to the DVR in the board, so if you are looking for such solution it is good one to have, specially for 16$ !


Right now it is possible to upgrade the firmware on the Diamond VTX. You can download the firmware here.

They added the possiblity to bypass the 2 minutes recording limitation and an output in PAL or NTSC.

So for example if you want to upgrade the firmware to disable the 2 minutes limitation in NTSC, you need to:

  • Download this firmware and extract the zip file
  • Insert an empty SDCARD in your computer and copy the file ‘CRESFW.BIN‘ in the SDCARD
  • Put the SDCARD in the Diamond VTX and plug a LIPO
  • Normally you will see a RED led that will blink, it means that the upgrade is in progress (DO NOT REMOVE THE LIPO)
  • When the RED led is off, the upgrade is completed and you can plug off the LIPO
  • In my case the file ‘CRESFW.BIN‘ was not anymore in the SDCARD but my advise is to format the SDCARD to be sure

HappyModel Diamond VTX


VTX Quality




DVR options (auto record etc)



  • Really a clever idea to have a AIO board for VTX + DVR !
  • No lag introduced by the DVR
  • Price


  • Auto-record is not working

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