Recently, NamelessRC released a two new AIO boards for tinywhoop/toothpick/light 3 inch, up to 4S / 12A per ESC: The AIO412 and AIO412T. We got already some good AIO boards like BetaFPV, GEPRC or Iflight SuccesX. Let’s see !


This board is different in multiple points:

  • Really light compared to others with ~4.5g, so it is less than 2 grams compared to other which is really awesome. It is a big difference if you are looking to save few grams on your build.
  • The motors pins are not soldered by default which allow you to choose it you want to use plug or not for the motors. I think it is also a good option, because many people like to solder directly the motors to the board.
  • MPU6000 GYRO
  • 28.5×28.5 fc board, so perfect for tinywhoop/toothpick
  • Support 2-4S LIPO, up to 12A per ESC, and 15A in burst
  • Invert and non-inver sbus port. All classical receivers are supported (frsky/flysky/DSMX/CrossFire)
  • Built-in sensor integrated (like other boards)
  • Buzzer/LED PAD
  • Board is in a simple box with motor pins, XT30 connector, screws and rubber mount, so you should not need to get extra stuff to use it

As I said they have 2 differents types for this board, the AIO412 (manual is here):

and the AIO412T (manual is here):


The main difference between these two boards is that the T version is more optimized for ToothPick:

  • USB is sidemount, so it is really a big plus to use with toothpick
  • A better layout of all pads, like to solder the motors they added extra pads to solder them.
  • A pad for a provided capacitor (470uF)

I soldered motor wires and classical wires (camera/rx/vtx) on the AIO412 version and it was pretty difficult, you need to have a little bit of soldering skills. I wish they could use the same layout of the T version for the AIO412 version, directly with pin motors soldered, it will be the perfect match if you would like to replace your crazebee FC board for your tinywhoop 🙂

Nevertheless, I tested both of them on different setup (motors 1103/1404, LIPO 2/3/4S, etc) and these boards handle perfectly high throttle on these setups. The default PID are correctly setup for 2S and 3S. It will require some adjustments for 4S otherwise. The only thing to modify is the power/battery section of betaflight:

So here some flights with the two versions of the board, you could see that the board is working well, and it is the DEFAULT configuration from Betaflight:

So if you think about getting an AIO FC for your toothpick/tinywhoop you should really consider these boards from NamelessRC.

Moreover they are quite cheap, 36.99$ for the AIO412 and 44.99$ for the AIO412T version.

NamesslessRC AIO 12A board FC+ESC

44.99$ / 36.99$



Easy soldering (T version)







  • Weight for sure !
  • Light


  • Good skills soldering for the AIO412

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