Best BNF Tiny Whoop (65/75/85mm, HD, 4K, DJI)

I have done this list by doing reviews, reading and comparing all tiny whoop. It is only the best value for 2019/2020. You will find best 65/75/85mm tiny whoop but also the best HD or DJI whoop ! I tried to put only a maximum of 3 drones per category in order to have the best !

It is only BNF Tiny Whoop and best deals, and you should check my page for Deals/Coupons. Moreover you can also compare them quickly via my other site.

For most of them I did some tune for Betaflight or Emuflight !

1S 65mm Tiny Whoop


The mobula6 is the top tiny whoop 1s 65mm that you could find. Because it is super tune, flight super well, mega light and the price is super cheap with 4 LIPO in the packet …


Similar to the Mobula6, the Meteor65 one is a little bit more expensive but it is still a good value !

Newbeedrone Acrobee Beebrain Brushless

Top quality from Newbeedrone with their brushless version, you will not be disappointed !

Mobula6 HD

1S 75mm Tiny Whoop


2S 65mm Tiny Whoop

BetaFPV 65X

2S 75mm Tiny Whoop

Emax TinyHawk II

This new version of the TinyHawk contains everything you need for a 2S tiny whoop, a good camera, powerful, strong !

Eachine Trashcan

In 2020 it is probably still a good value even if the camera is not anymore the best one but it flight super well !!

The trashcan is the most powerfull/light 75mm tinywhoop that you could find for such price. Moreover all components are really good and this drone can be insane !

85mm Tiny Whoop


Beta 85 Pro 2

The Beta85 Pro 2 is really fun and super light on 2S.

If you are looking for a drone that you could flight indoor or outdoor at an awesome speed, you are looking to the right one. Moreover this quad is indestructible (except the canopy :))

HD/4K Tiny Whoop

SPCMaker Bat78 HD

This HD version of the BAT78 is super well to record video specially with the low position of the camera !


GEPRC did a real good job with the HD tiny whoop and works pretty well.

Eachine Cinecan

If you are looking for 4K recording in a tiny whoop, it is really the best value and the best flight in the market !

If you would like something more ‘cinewhoop’ with high quality image (4K) that could speed a little bit for some freestyle, the Eachine Cinecan is the best value right now.

DJI Tiny Whoop


GEPRC Thinking P16

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