Review: Speed Racer TWIG

The Speed Racer Twig is a complete Kit (frame, canaopy, lipo holder, screws, props, velcro strap) to build quickly a toothpick based drone for 21.99$. But you can also use it for 2 inch / 2.5inch or even 3 inch ! Let’s see !


The frame is a 2mm unibody carbon frame, and chamfered on 0.6mm. It is a true-x with 112mm motor from motor. It is a frame mainly for 11XX motors even if bigger motors could work but you will increase the probability to damage the frame.

On this frame you will be able to use motors with 9x9mm / 4 holes, so all new classic 11XX motors, but also 6.6mm / 3 holes so mainly for the HappyModel 110X motors or any 08XX motors ! There is not so much frame that supports both size, specially done in a good way.

You can use any 16×16 FC/ESC board, or any AIO whoop board (NamelessRC board). They added also two holes on the back of the frame to use a classic velcro strip, but I preferred the provided LIPO holder.

The USB port will be also perfectly accessible for configuration. I have seen many frame where it was difficult to access it and my USB cable has enough place to fit in the USB port.


I thought that the canopy was a classic TPU one, like I did a lot in the past ! But it is clearly not the same TPU material that you could have seen. Apparently it looks like it is done with a 3D printer with resin. Clearly the aspect, the feeling when you touch it looks like a professional one.

Moreover the canoper is really strong and elastic, be sure that you will not broke it like that. In the canopy you will fit perfectly a 14x14mm micro camera, like the caddx EOS 2, Runcam Race / Nano 2 or even if the Foxeer Predator nano 4 (a little bit too big so the len of the camera will be exposed with this one).

They added extra hole at the top of the canopy to attach any wire for your receiver and also another one for the VTX. I think that other hole in the canopy are for the design and to cool down the VTX enought.

LIPO holder

Like the canopy, the material used is really great. You will be able to fit any 2S or 3S LIPO. Moreover the material will hold perfectly your LIPO and you will not loose it during flights. At the bottom of the LIPO holder they added extra material to fit the LIPO probably but it is also really practical to put the quad in order to land ! The quad will be stable and it helps a lot if you are a beginner.


I did two builds to test it:

  • NamelessRC FC AIO + AMAX 1103 + Diamond VTX + Foxeer Predator Nano 4 + HQProp T3x3 or HQProp 65mm
  • NamelessRC FC AIO + AMAX 1103 + Diamond VTX + Runcam Racer + HQProp T3x2

This frame is really a good one to get if you are looking for a complete kit for your light build like a Toothpick. The frame is universal and will works with the majority of external componenents (FC, motors, camera ..). So I think we should call these kinds of build: a TWIG.

Moreover Racer X FPV provided some customs PID and settings for your twig frame, so you should check it, I will do another article on that later.

Speed Racer TWIG




Motor holes mount


FC holes mount




LIPO holder



  • Best frame for tiny drone
  • Quality of the frame/canopy

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