Review: RCInpower 1204 5000kv

The 1204/5000kv motors from Rcinpower is one of the best motors for Toothpick, light 3 inch quad.

These motors have a well design, with pink and blue color, but they are so smooth and powerful for a light 3 inch. The quality of the aluminium used is nice so it is the one to have for this season !


  • 5.89g with 80mm wires
  • Mount pattern: 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2
  • 0.8mm silicone wire
  • 1.5mm shaft / T-mount prop mounting
  • C-clip bell bottom
  • 5000kv
  • Input Voltage: 3-4S LIPO

Each motor is packaged in a tiny box with a set of screws for the props and the frame.


These motors are really similar to the FPVCycle 1204 from Kabab FPV, except that the shaft and the wires are different (maybe the magnet but I dont’ find any good reference).

Globaly the quality is top and the only drawback could be the wires, I will prefer another size but well it works perfectly.


Really surprised by these motors ! I know that Rcinpower is doing good motors but they are so good. I tried them on our race led track to see how it performs on a light 3 inch frame and as you could see they are pretty interesting:

As you could see, the motors are pretty powerful, but they are also super silent which disturbs me the first time, maybe due to the magnet used.

If you are doing a toothpick that could support 12XX frame, light 3 inch, and power up with a 3/4S LIPO, you will not do any mistake by choosing these motors at all.


The price of each motor is around 12$ so it is not cheap but the quality is here. It is not a chunk motor, pretty solid and something that you will enjoy to flight !

RCINPOWER GTS 1204 5000KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for 2-3 Inch RC Drone FPV Racing


Wire quality











  • Perfect for light 3inch !
  • Silent and smooth !

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