Review: Tomoquads CHOPSTICK CS3 V1.1

The Chopstick CS3 from Tomoquads is a nice frame in the spirit of the Toothpick.

It is designed for light 3inch version with a bottom plate / top plate or canopy / double arms plate, all in carbon with a 2mm size. So it is not a unibody frame and that’s good because even with light 3 inch, you will have a powerfull drone and increase by consequence the probability to break an arm during a crash, so pretty easy to repair in this case !

Moreover and as usual with Tomoquads, the quality of the carbon is pretty good and a plenty of accessory is directly available (motor protection, lipo holder ….)


It is super easy to mount the frame with the arms. You will need to use the longer screws with the standoffs you chose (20 or 25mm) to maintain the arms.

Everything is well designed in this frame, and if you want to use the latest HD camera like the Caddx Turtle Baby, or the runcam split nano 3, you will have 20×20 mounting holes on the top plate.

Moreover this board supports classic 16×16 stack, 20×20 stack and the 25×25 mounting holes for the new AIO FC Board !

The frame supports also the classic 14×14 camera like Caddx EOS, Runcam Nano 2 / Racer 2 and even the 19×19 for HD camera, so basically all camera for toothpick !

The arms support 9mm mounting holes (M2) for the motors, so basically all 11XX and 12XX motors (except the 11XX from Happymodel). But also the old AMAX 3 mounting holes (so old Amax motors but also the Apex Sonic 11XX for example).

With this frame I used the BetaFPV Toothpick FC 12A:

and rcinpower 1204 5000kv, and HQprop T3x2.

More details:

  • Removable and stackable 2mm arms, double the arms double the thickness 
  • Supports Whoop, 16×16, 20×20 stack
  • Bottom mounted self adjusting lipo mount or top mounted strap or rubber band hook
  • CF are cut along the weave
  • Top plates accept 20×20 stack perfect for HD camera setup
  • Props are 6mm away from the frame body to eliminate propwash
  • Supports EOS and HD camera , AIO mount will be added soon
  • Support for up to 3.2″ props (65mm for 75x/pro2/m7 whoop stack)
  • Designed for  3″ props
  • 4 holes and 3 holes motor mount  with 9mm hole pattern (Amax and 110xx motors)
  • Weight: 12g. CF only , 16g. with hardware
  • 2mm CF arms thats cut along the weave
  • 2mm CF bottom plate
  • 1.5mm CF top plate
  • TPU printed parts
  • Knurled aluminum standoffs and metal screws

In the kit you will find the following things:

  • 2Pc. CF arms
  • 1pc. CF bottom plate
  • 1pc. CF top plate
  • 1pc. 3D printed lipo strap
  • 2 set Camera mount for HD and non HD
  • Set of mounting hardware
  • 3D Printed bottom lipo mount and arm guards


Tomoquads provide also a dedicated canopy instead of the classic top plate if you wish.

It is a TPU one available in many colors as usual.

LIPO holder

You will have different choice to place your LIPO. You can use the provided LIPO holder in the bottom plate, but you will be restricted to some 2S LIPO or the new 3S LIPO (the longer one).

Personnaly I choosed to add it to have a support to land off and to protect the plate.

I’m using mainly the top plate with the LIPO holder strap in TPU to maintain the LIPO, and it is a really a different feeling to have the LIPO on the top. Moreover if you would like to protect your LIPO it is a good choice.


This frame is light and perfect if you are looking for a light 3 inch setup. Really I like how I can use it with other components in the future, like HD 20×20 baby camera. You will have a lot of spaces in the frame with the 25mm standoffs, and you can really build good toothpick with a 25$ frame:

It is really a pleasure to flight Tomoquads frame, for the price, the quality and the design !

Spare parts

Tomoquads Chopstick CS3




Motor holes mount


Holes mount




Lipo Holder



  • One of the best frame for a light 3 inch !
  • No propwash
  • Fit all FC/Camera ...

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