Review: Tomoquads Slingshot freestyle

The Slingshot from Tomquads is a unibody carbon frame (2mm bottom plate and 1.5mm top plate, 20mm standoff) , 125mm wheelbase, like a toothpick frame.

The design is particular and as usual very well finished. It is mainly to use with 9mm motor holes, like any 11XX (except the one from HappyModel) and an FC AOI whoop board.

In this photo, I transfered directly the HX100 from Betafpv

to this frame. So if you are looking to a better one for the really nice hardware of the HX100, much more stronger, it is a perfect match, you have nothing to do except the move the motors camera and FC.


The bottom plate is 2mm and can be used with any 16×16/20×20/25×25 (fc whoop aio) boards.

You have an access to the motor pins and USB if you use a classic AIO board.

The frame is easy to mount, everything is provided in the kit (screws, standoff etc). The originality of this frame is how the camera is protected by a TPU piece directly inserted in the frame. Moreover this TPU piece can be used to put the antenna of your receiver, so perfect !

As you can see, I used the Caddx Baby turtle whoop directly in the frame and I have still some place inside. The camera is 14×14 so fit perfectly in the TPU piece, and you could still adjust the angle. Moreover there is two positions to put camera, so it is really nice with longer camera like caddx turtle or foxeer predator nano 4.

Moreover this piece of TPU remove all vibration as you will be able to see on the video at the end.

For the LIPO you will have multiple choice. You can put it in the bottom of the plate with a ‘twist and lock’ lipo mount available on thingiverse for free.

Otherwise you can put the LIPO on the top plate, there is a lot of place and secure it with a rubber brand, it works perfectly.

More details

  • Supports 16×16, 20×20 and 25×25 Whoop stack
  • High quality CF
  • Supports 2.5″ and 65mm props.
  • Top and bottom mounted Lipo
  • Avaialable twist and lock bottom battery mount
  • Supports for 3 and 4 holes M2 motor mount with 9mm pattern
  • Camera is mounted on the specially designed front pod that acts as vibation dampener
  • 2mm CF bottom plate
  • 1.5mm CF top plate
  • 20mm standoff height
  • M2 (2mm) stack holes for 16×16, 20×20, 25×25 whoop stack
  • 14×14 camera mount (NanoRacer, Runcam Nano 2, Caddx EOS2 )
  • 4 holes and 3 holes motor mount with 9mm hole pattern (Amax , 110xx motors)
  • Weighs 11g. CF only and 16g. assembled

In the kit

  • 1pc Bottom plate
  • 1pc top plate
  • 1pc Camera pod 
  • 4pc 3D printed motor guards
  • 1pc. Top mounted 3d printed battery strap
  • Set of mounting hardware


Like the Chopstick CS3, I like how Tomoquads design this frame and how easy it will be for you to use it with any other components. This frame is tiny, polyvalent, strong, a perfect size for 65mm Toothpick.

I recommand to use the HQProp T65mm to secure the props with screws. If you are looking for a good 65mm Toothpick style frame it is a good one, everything is already in to use new HD camera or any sorts of fc boards.

I recorded a flight of it to show you how it could be with a 2S LIPO:





Motor holes mount







  • Perfect frame a toothpick !
  • No vibration for HD camera

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