Review: Caddx Baby turtle – whoop version

Many pilots of tinywhoop of toothpick would like a simple HD camera to use in this quad that will fit easily.

Now with the latest HD cameras that are coming up we will have plenty of choices. One of them is from Caddx: the baby or the whoop turtle.

With a whoop size fc board (so basically 25×25) or 20×20, this camera will fit perfectly in all tinywhoop or toothpick quad. Moreove it is super simple to use it, just with the classical wire (+5v, GND, signal camera).

I did few tests with them to show you how it renders (no ND filters) for outside or inside. It is clearly a perfect match now to record your flights in HD quality (1080P / 60fps), specially for this winter 🙂

Here a first test outdoor and indoor by chasing few quads:

Another video with the BNF Twig155 HD:


The camea is packaged inside a nice box to protect it correctly during the transport.

The size of the camera is 14×14 but Caddx provides a simple extension to use it in 19×19 build.

The main specifications of this camera are:

  • Image sensor: 1/2.7Inch -CMOS sensor
  • Resolution: 800TVL
  • Recording: 1080P/60fps, 1080P/30fps
  • Lens: 1.8mm lens
  • FPC FOV/Recording FOV: 170
  • TV system: NTSC/PAL changeable with OSD
  • Video file format: MP4
  • Aspect ration: 16:9/4:3 Changeable with OSD
  • Max Micro SD card supported: 64G
  • Audio: Support
  • Illumination: 0.01Lux
  • DNR: 3DNR
  • WDR: YES
  • Fly OSD: YES
  • Color: Black/White
  • Power input: 5V-20V
  • Power current: 12V/160MA
  • Net weight: 9g
  • Dimension: 14x14 & 19x19mm
  • Dimension of mounting holes: 20x20mm (Normal Version)/ 25x25mm (Whoop Version)

So 9g is not so much finally if you compare to others specifically to have HD recording on your toothpick for example. Moreover you can also use now an sdcard up to 64giga so plenty of records !

Moreover Caddx provides all srews and wires to use it. They also added the telecommand to configure the camera.

As you can see here, the build is really super simple … because you can use the same screws as you use for your FC directly, do not forget to add some isolation between the FC and the board of the camera to avoid any contacts.

As an end results you don’t see it at all (except the wire from the camera to the board).

The lenght of the camera is up to 20mm, and as said 14x14mm. So you will need a little bit of space in the canopy to protect the lens correctly due to this important lens, but it fit really well in the Tomoquads Slingshot.


I have not see any delays that could be annoyed for me, even in our racing led track, so it become better and better.

During flights, this camera is really good, no problem with light changement or weird colors.

Moreover I like the auto save features, so just plugin your LIPO and the record will starts after few seconds (check if the red light is not solid, and you will see the REC word in the OSD too).

I recorded with my fatshark how is the menu if you would like to change few settings.

The price is still expensive for such cameras, so do not forget to protect correctly. But really it will change your flight record if you compare that to a classic DVR. Now the board are super simple to use and to put in your current build, so it is really a game changer !

Caddx Baby Turtle




Light change











  • Perfect for your tinywhoop or toothpick !


  • price is still expensive, but it is HD quality !

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