Review: BetaFPV FC AIO 20A

After the great AIO FC 12A toothpick version from BetaFPV, a new one is available: the BetaFPV FC AIO 20A.

I reviewed already the 12A version which is a great board if you want to do a toothpick or twig.

The major difference is really that you can now go to 20A, so basically you will be able to do bigger build (3inch, light 5 inch ?).

For that BetaFPV used 12 single N-Channel MosFET chips compared to the dual N-Channel MostFET used in their previous board. So normally it will allow us to have much more agressive flight with bigger motors.

The board is a little bit heavier (< 0.5g) compared to the 12A one so it is not really a problem ! 6.63g, 20A in continue current and you can go up to 25A at peak current.

So that’s allow you to go with bigger motors like the 120X/130X/140X without any problem on 4S.

In the little box of this FC you will find the following things

  • 1 * Toothpick F4 20A AIO 1-4S brushless flight controller
  • 1 * Cable Pigtail (XT30)
  • 4 * M2x10mm screws
  • 4 * M2 nuts 
  • 4 * Anti-vibration rubber dampers
  • 4 * Motor Pluggable Pins

I tested this board, and as usual the soldering is really easy with the layout from Kabab, it is just a pure pleasure !!

I created a build with the following elements:

It is a build of 93g (without the LIPO). That’s also a good question about what LIPO 4S we could use. Personnally I used the BetaFPV 4S 450mah, which allow me a super long flight (close to 4min with agressive flight on the race led track).

I recorded a video directly with my fatshark and the caddx baby turtle, and I got a peak at 66A, via pushing directly the throttle for testing. So I could have much more current in an open field but it is still raining here 🙂

The board handles correctly the load and the 1404 flywoo motors, the caddx baby turtle and I don’t feel that the build was a brick, but really something interesting and a speed drone.





Easy soldering







  • Perfect for bigger 3 inch !

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