Betafpv Meteor65: PH2.0 is dead, long life to BT2.0 !

A new tinywhoop is coming from Betafpv for this winter, and it is a 65mm wheelbase and brushless one: the Meteor65 !

  • 109$
  • Wheelbase 65mm
  • Weight 23g
  • Power 1S FC & ESC F4 1S Brushless FC
  • Motor 0802-22000KV
  • Props Gemfan 31mm 3-blade props
  • Cam 1/4”lens 600TVL cam
  • LIPO 1S 300mah
  • Battery with BT2.0 connector

0802/22000kv on 1S seems a good choice, specially with the light weight. But the main feature is really the switch to the BT2.0 connector. So basically it is solid pin to improve the discharge of the LIPO (so much more long flight time) and the stability of the voltage during the flight.

The main drawbacks is that we will probably need to get new LIPO with this connector or change them all.

The drone will be available in multiple colors and it is available now !!

Here a first video with a flight with it ! Enjoy !

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