Review: R3DWhoop ION frame

The R3DWhoop ION frame is frame dedicated to the 1S Toothpick, with 65mm propellers.

I have been curious about R3D frame since a long time for multiples reasons:

  • the design are pretty nice and clever
  • it is not a pure carbon frame, but a printed one

So I asked them if they could provide to me some frames so here the review of the first one: the R3DWhoop ION.


The frame (~5g) is mainly designed to support 1S LIPO (like GNB 1S 520mah for example or any 1S 300 mah LIPO) for a 1S toothpick style.

The frame is a full 3D printed frame with some exotic filament. It is clearly not ABS/PLA/TPU, but it is at the same time strong and flex (but not too much flex, so no props washout).

So the frame supports 16X16 FC stack or an AIO FC 25×25 (whoop style). The 3 holes to mount the motors are designed for the pattern used in the 06XX or 08XX motors, but also with any 11XX from HappyModel, so you can provide strong and powerful motors to this frame. The motors are correctly protected around with the frame to avoid any break.

This frame will fit for 65mm props (not much) and for simple AIO camera. That’s probably the main drawbacks of this one because these camera are not super, so it can be much more interesting to support Caddx EOS 2 or Runcam Nano. But it seems possible with their latest design in the ION+ (and also classical 11XX patterns).

About the camera, it is a low profile, so the flight and the feeling is a little bit different if you compare that to classic frame where the camera is at the top.

Moreover you can adjust the angle of the camera with the screw so it is a good point too.

You will fit any 1S LIPO up to 550mah, it is hold by the TPU part, no 2S support in this case. But the LIPO is well attached and will not move.

By using an AIO FC, you will have direct access to plug the motors easily, and the FC is maintained by screws in the red top part.

It was a little bit difficult to insert the VTX but it was not the smallest one, so probably perfect with the nano VTX from NamelessRC.

The USB port is also accessible to do any modification in Betaflight for example.

So in this build I used a old FC AIO that supports up to 5A, pretty enough for this build on 1S only.

The crutial part is to choose correctly the motors and the HappyModel 1102 13500kv is the best choice to have the most speed toothpick 1S right now (they are light and high kv and cheap !).


I recorded a flight of this frame and as you could see the build is really good if you are looking for an 1S and light toothpick:

If you are looking for an 1S frame for a light toothpick, it is really a good choice. The frame is strong, easy to use with external components, and the design is just beautiful.

I recommand this frame, it is a good match with the happymodel 1102 13500kv and really fun to flight.












  • One of the best frame for 1S toothpick !!


  • Classic 11XX motors support
  • Support for better camera

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