Review: TMOTOR 1507 – perfect for cinewhoop ?

If you are looking for the best motor for your cinewhoop (I mean not something based on a tinywhoop, but with a real frame for bigger motors like the Squirt v2 or the BeeBumper), the new 1507 motors from TMOTOR are right now one of the best choice.


These motors are available in 2 versions (12N14P) : 2700kv (3-6S) or 3800kv (3-4S). You will have much more thrust with the 2700kv specially if you want to carry a GoPro for example.

The weight of each motor is around 15g, with a 24AWG wire (~100mm).

Depending of the KV and blades you will use, you should at least go with a 30A ESC to avoid any problems at a 100% throttle.

Personnaly I used a 60A Flycolor ESC, but it was clearly overkill 🙂

The motor mount is a classic 12MM, so it will fit most of the cinewhoop frame that you could find.


The box contains:

  • M5 aluminium self locking nuts
  • M2x6 screws
  • M2x5 screws
  • E-clips
  • some stickers


I did a simple build on Betaflight 4.1 with the main following elements:

So I recorded a simple flight with the GoPro and share it on Youtube to show you how these motors performs:

As you could see, I don’t use any post production to stabilise the videos. These motors are really smooth and perfect for such flights even they will provide to you a lot of thrust and rapidity if you need.

Here the best video about these motors from Damian Gans:

Each motor cost 19.90$, so it is clearly a budget for 4 motors ! But if you want to have the best experience with your cinewhoop it is the price to pay.










  • Perfect for cinewhoop !
  • Flight easily with a GoPro

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