Review: PandaRC VT5804 Minix 5.8G / cheapest but good 20×20 VTX ?

The VT5804 from PandaRC is a new 20×20 VTX up to 400mw for really interesting price, less than 17$.


  • Output power : 25mW/50mW/100mW/200mW/400mW
  • Input Voltage : 6~26V
  • Output power: 25/50/100/200/400mW Switchable
  • Frequency: 16Channels;Including Group A and Group R
  • Weight: 3g (not including antenna)
  • Size: 24x24x3mm
  • Mounting holes Dimension: 20mmx20mm
  • Connector: IPX-E
  • Video format: NISC/PAL
  • Device configuration through OSD
  • PIT Mode

The VTX is packaging in a nice box and contains all connectors (wires, antenna) that you will need.

The VTX supports from 2S to 6S, PIT mode and IRC Tramp ! Moreover they are provided a +5v/GND output in order to solder directly a camera on it.

The VTX supports all classical channels so you will find the best frequency for you. I have not noticed any problems with it during indoors test (I will post more videos outside) and it respect correctly the desired frequency.

The IPX-E connector is perfect for many light build like toothpick or classic 3 inch setup.

I recorded this flight indoor, and most of time it is really a pain to have a clear signals which seems really ok with this VTX. If you are looking for a cheap and good VTX, this one will fit your needs !

You can see a good review here with the upgraded version of this VTX (800mw), and as you could see it respect well the specification:

PandaRC VT5804 Minix 5.8G


Respect the output power



  • Cheapest
  • PIT mode
  • IRC Tramp

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