Namelessrc: BestHawk and PowerStick

After their excellent toothpick (NLRC 47), Namelessrc strikes back with two new drone for this winter: the BestHawk and the PowerStick.

Let’s start with the PowerStick because it is done in collaboration with KababFPV which I’m a big fan. So it is an evolution of the NLRC47 with new things like the pretty good motor from Amax 1303, the Gemfan 3016-3 and a version with the AIO VTX+DVR.

  • Item Name: PowerStick inspire by KababFPV / PowerStick DVR Version inspire by KababFPV
  • Prop: Gemfan 3016-3
  • Motor: AMAX 1303 4800kv
  • Lipo: 3S~4S
  • Wheelbase: 110mm
  • Weight: 60g(PNP Without Battery)
  • Camera:Runcam Nano2                                                    
  • Antenna: Copper pipe antenna
  • VTX: NameLessRC Nano400 VTX / NameLessRC D400 VTX+DVR
  • FC&ESC:NameLessRC  AIO412T(2S-4S)

The BestHawk is a 75mm tinywhoop with a AIO DVR+VTX version. It seems more classic here, except if you choose the 400mw VTX, you will increase your flight distance !

  • Prop: 40mm(1.5mm hole)
  • Motor: 1103 11000KV
  • Lipo: 2S~3S
  • Wheelbase: 75mm
  • Weight: 42g(PNP Without Battery)
  • Camera:Caddx EOS2
  • Antenna:Copper pipe antenna
  • VTX:NameLessRC Nano400 VTX / NameLessRC D400 VTX+DVR AIO
  • VTX output power: PIT/25/100/200/400mW
  • DVR(Only DVR version included): 720P @30FPS
  • FC&ESC:NameLessRC AIO412(2S-4S)

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