By default the flight time of the BetaFPV Meteor65 with the 0802 22000kv motors is around 2min, that’s what I got in my first test, in my initial review

For a more generic article on how to flash your ESC please check:

And exactly the specification of the BetaFPV doc.

But I have been able to increase the flight time of the same drone, the Meteor65 0802 22000kv and exactly the same LIPO (BetaFPV 300mah 1S with BT2.0 connector), by flashing it with JESC and Emuflight.

Check this video to see the whole flight with the final time at the end.

So how to do that ?

Flash with BetaFlight 4.1.1

The first thing is to flash the drone with Betaflight 4.1.1 in order to connect with JESC in the next step. So just open Betaflight and flash the Meteor65 with the MATEKF411RX firmware.

Flash the ESC with JESC

Now you need to get JESC and connect the Meteor65 with the USB cable and plug in a LIPO, and click on Connect/Read Setup.

Now click on ‘Flash All’ button and in the next window select the 48KHZ PWM firmware (only available if you have the corresponding ESC which seems ok with the Meteor65 now, otherwise do not do that :)).

And finally reverse the direction of ALL ESC to improve the turn of your Meteor65 in angles.

Flash with Emuflight

The last step is to flash the Meteor65 with the latest release of Emuflight. Like in Betaflight select the MATEKF411RX firmware with the latest stable release (0.2.0-RC1).

At this step you will see already a lot of improvement during your flight. Do not forget to swap also the propellers as you changed the motor direction.

But if you wish a good one for stable flight (indoors race), I dumped my config (so just copy/paste that in the CLI and write ‘save’ at the end).


  1. Could you also post your ‘diff’, it’s so much easier to handle when you are actually trying to make sense of it.

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