Increase flight time of your tinywhoop by flashing ESC (BLHELI_S/JESC)

By flashing your ESC with the new available firmware (48KHZ or 96KHZ) you will be able to gain a lot of flight time (more than 30%). It is a 5 minutes tutorial to follow and really simple and accessible to all peoples.

All you need in the following steps is either BLHELI_S or JESC configurator.

How to check my ESC version ?

By using BLHELI_S configurator, you need to connect an USB cable in the FC and PUT a LIPO too otherwise you will not be able to read the setup of the board and to flash it.

Click on ‘connect’
Click on ‘Read Setup’

And you should see the version of your ESC, in this case ‘O-H-5’.

If you see the ‘H’ letter in the version, you have probably an F4 board, so please follow the F4 board section. If you have an ‘L’ letter you should have an F3 board so read the appropriate section. If you don’t have these letters you will not be able to flash your ESC with a better version.

F4 Board (H version ESC)

If you have any of the latest F4 board, like the one in the Meteor65/75 or in the Mobula6, and if you have the correct ESC version (H version) you can follow this tutorial.

Flashing the ESC

It could be pretty confusing for many peoples but you can choose the classic BLHELI_S firmware or the JESC firmware to be able to flash your ESC with the 48KHZ firmware.

By using BLHELI_S you will need to find your ESC version from this directory and save the file on your disk, and click on ‘flash all’ button in BLHELI_S in order to select this file to flash ALL ESC (DO NOT REMOVE LIPO OR USB CABLE AT THIS POINT).

It is the same via JESC but a little bit more easy because the firmware will be downloaded automatically.

If you want to gain MORE flight time , you can select the 96KHZ firmware in this directory and flash it with BLHELI_S. I tested it with the Mobula6 and it works pretty well.

F3 Board (L version ESC)

If you have still any of previous F3 board like the one in the Mobula7, UR65, UK65 and all tinywhoop like that you can also increase your flight time by using the latest firmware from JESC for 48KHZ.

All you need is to determine your ESC version (see first paragraph) to be sure you have an L version and get the appropriate file from this directory.

You can use use directly BLHELI_S to flash your ESC with the downloaded file.

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