Review: Geelang Anger75X – 4S Tinywhoop ?

After the UOF85X 4K, Geelang is back with a 4S tinywhoop !

The Anger75X from Geelang is the first BNF 4S tinywhoop with a 75mm frame. Yes 4S for 41mm propellers is pretty insane and if it works well ?

The answer is: YES. Moreover the fight time is not bad (2/3 minutes) even with agressive flight. But for that you will need to tune it a little bit and use the super light 4S 260mah provided by Geelang !

UPDATE: after few flights I notice that the canopy and the frame are pretty weak to handle hard crash on 4S, so it is really a problem 🙁

Let’s do the tour of the Anger75X !


The frame is a 75mm based frame. You can fit a 16×16 stack or 25×25 whoop fc. Moreover the motors holes will fit any classic 4 110X patterns but also the special 3 hole patterns for their motors.

The frame is quite solid but I managed to break it during a crash, and hopefully they are provided one for free in the box.

The frame contains extra space in the front to put the rx receiver easily (if it is not too big).

Globally all elements are well placed in the frame and will not by a problem during the flight.

They added a carbon piece on the back to solidify the frame and a rubber band in order to hold any kind of lipo, which seems a good idea.


The canopy is HUGE and quite solid (not enough on 4S:(). The caddx EOS 2 inside seems ridiculous but at least you will have a lot of spaces to add a better camera and the VTX and all the electronics will be cool down easily.


The propellers are the gemfan 1630 3 blades, so they are doing the job pretty well.

Flight Controller / ESC

The flight controller/ESC are a 12A 16×16 stack which performs pretty well and handle the 4S (no fire :)).

  • Flight controller:SI-F4FC Three-in-one tower  
  • Version:MATEKF411 
  • MCU:STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ, 512K FLASH)
  • Sensor: MPU-6000(SPI connection)                             
  • Board size:21 * 21MM 
  • Power supply: 2-4S battery input (DC 7-17V)
  • Built-in 12A(each) Blheli_S 4in1 ESC Dshot600 ready
  • Built-in Betaflight OSD(SPI Control)
  • Built-in Current meter Max 70A
  • Current meter scale set to 480
  • Built-in 5V 2A BEC 
  • Built-in voltage detection
  • Onboard 4in1 ESC MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21 
  • Power supply: 2-4S LiPo/LiPo HV (7v/17v)
  • Current: 12A continuous peak 13A (5 seconds)
  • Support BLHeliSuite programmable                           
  • Factory firmware: G_H_30_REV16_7.HEX
  • Default protocol: DSHOT600


The originality of this drone is to be the first with 1202 motors which could be not the best one for this 75mm frame. But power up on 4S it is a different story because it works pretty well. But I noticed that the wire are not super well soldered anb weak ….

  • Motor Mode:GL1202 KV6900 
  • Stator specifications:D12 * H2 0.2mm Kawasaki               
  • Configuration:9N12P                                          
  • Stator Diamter:12mm                                         
  • Stator Length:2mm                                            
  • Shaft Diameter:Φ1.5mm                                       
  • Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len):Φ13.8mm*15.5mm
  • Magent specifications: N52H
  • Shift specifications: 2mm High strength steel
  • Bearing Specifications: d2*D5*H2.5 MR52zz Japan ISC Custom made
  • Winding Specifications: 180℃ Class Multiple oxygen-free copper      
  • Weight(g):3.7g
  • No.of Cells(Lipo):3S-4S    


The Caddx EOS2 is not the worst choice but not t he best anymore. It could be really nice to have a better camera but it is something that you can change easily now !

  • CADDX EOS V2 Image sensor: 1/3 COMS sensor
  • Horizontal: 1200TVL
  • TV system: PAL  4:3 non-changeable
  • Power Input: DC 5-12V
  • FOV:F2.1
  • Weight:3.5g


The VTX is working well and at least support up to 200mw which is really good with a 4S drone 🙂

  • VTX Output power:25~200mw switchable
  • Frequency:40CH 
  • Input voltage: 3.2V- 5.2V
  • Current consumption: 320mA(type)                             
  • Power switching: third gear(25MW 、 100MW 、200MW)
  • Antenna: RG178s antenna
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 5bands 40 channels
  • With Race band  
  • Smartaudio ready
  • Weight:1.7g        


As usual with Geelang, with the actual drone, you will get a NICE box to protect it. It is really the only one company with such things. You will get:

  • spare frame
  • spare canopy
  • spare props
  • manual
  • screw
  • 3x4S 260mah LIPO


So the drone is not super light if you compare with other 75mm drone but it is mainly due to the motors, with a total of 44.78g without LIPO and 75g with the 4S 260mah LIPO.

The next video shows you how this drone is doing with the default PID and betaflight 4.0.6.

As you could see the drone is floating a little bit with the 4S 260mah LIPO which is really annoying to have some precision.

Here a dump of the default configuration in case you want it.

So I decided to tune it a little bit. The first step is to flash the ESC to get the latest version in order to use the RPM filtering available with BLHELI_S now.

You can get the file directly from JazzMaverick repository:

Normally you should have the G_H_30 version for the ESC, but please check with BLEHLI_S:

You can find the HEX directly HERE. After that you need to flash all ESC via BLHELI_S.

After that you need to flash the FC with Betaflight 4.1.1 for the MATEKF411 target (do a full chip erase).

You must enable RPM filtering and specify the correct number of magnets (12) like that:

And use the following PID:

I created a dump of my config in case you want it directly (frsky):

So as you can see in the next video the performance are really better with these new settings:

Globally it is really a beast on 4S 260mah for outdoor, but the drone is not really quiet if you want to flight discreetly 🙂 I noticed few problems like the weak plastic or wire for the motors which seems a problem if you are getting hard crash 🙁




















  • TinyWhoop beast on 4S
  • A nice box with all spare elements !


  • Too bad that it is not well tuned by default

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