Review and complete guide for the HappyModel Mobula6

The Mobula6 from HappyModel is really one of the best tinywhoop currently. It is perfectly tuned really well with Don Johnson PID by default (at least the second batch with the version Betaflight 3.5.7) and available in the 19000kv (regular) or 25000kv version (race).

Moreover the price of this tinywhoop is really low, for less 85$, and with 4 extra props and 4x300mah 1S LIPO !! And of course HappyModel is providing a screw, extra scews, usb connector to charge the LIPO !!

So let’s do a tour of one of the best 65mm tinywhoop of this winter !

The secret of this whoop is in the tune and the weight clearly ! Somebody on facebook posts this picture of each elements and the associated weight:


The frame is the classical one from HappyModel and available on many shop already.

This frame is strong, it doesn’t break easily and is perfect for tinywhoop.


For this tinywhoop, HappyModel decided to do a specific camera for the Runcam Nano 3. And it is really a good job ! The camera will be well protected, and you can adjust the angle of the camera too.

Moreover it is super strong … really ! I have done dozen of crashs and the canopy is still ok.

They added a lot of place for the antennas and it is super well for the temperature specially with the AIO FC+ESC+VTX board !!

If you get a new batch you will have a piece of foam under the canopy to avoid any jello effect, if you don’t have just add a little piece of foam and voila !

And of course with less 1 grams with screws !


They have used the best props for the 65mm tinywhoop probably, the Gemfan 1219 (1mm for the hub)

These props are really a pleasure to flight and super hard to break !

Flight Controller / ESC /VTX

The board is unique because it is the first one with an integrated VTX !!

The board is available for FlySky/Frsky receivers and with an output power of 25mw which is perfect for such tinywhoop that you will use mainly indoors.

It seems the board is reliable as I have not seen feedbacks about problems right now.


The motors are 19000kv or 25000kv for the 0802 size.

The only drawbacks of these motors could be the fact that they don’t have pcb to solder easily a wire, but otherwise they are super good !


The camera is just perfect, it is the Runcam Nano 3 and you will not find a best one right now for a tinywhoop, see my detailed review.


The new batch of the Mobula6 is as I said in the intro with Betaflight 3.5.7 with Don Johnson PID. So it is just perfect for acro or stab …

The first batch was with Betaflight 4.0.6, and I saved the configuration in case you want it.

You could upgrade to Betaflight 4.1.1 if you wish and use the PID of Don Johnson too, I added a config here too

Project Mockingbird is also working on custom PID with Emuflight, and it looks like that.

I’m putting here a beta version of the configuration in case you want to test it, but go to their website to find the stable version. You will need at least Emuflight 0.2.15.

Improve the flight time

By default the flight time of the Mobula6 is around 2m30 – 3m. But you can extend it A LOT to have more than 4min just by flashing your ESC, please follow this tutorial.

19000kv or 25000kv ?

Maybe you don’t know which motors to choose ? Well if you are a newbie in FPV I will choose the 19000kv, it will still fast but offer much more control on the high throttle. Otherwise go to the 25000kv to have a tiny rocket !!!

To help you, I added two videos with the 25000kv and 19000kv !

If you are looking for your next tinywhoop you will probably have to choose this one, because it is really the best at the moment !!

With spare props, 4x1S LIPO 300mah, usb charger, screws … you will have everything !!

HappyModel Mobula6



















  • Best tinywhoop for the price !
  • Pure 'adrenaline'

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  1. Hey! I flashed my Mobula6 with the newest firmware. Can I use configuration from Betaflight 4.1.1 added here. I would like to use only PIDs and leave all the rest unharmed (my OSD, voltage calibration). Could you tell me please is it possible?

  2. HI, thanks for the diff for BF 4.1, the pids feel good. However I wonder why you thr_mid at 100 instead of something around 35-40 which is the actual hover position?

  3. So I want to try this Don Johnson file but I think it is for Frsky, I am running Flysky. Is there a file for Flysky???

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