Review: HGLRC FD435 stack

The HGLRC F435 stack is a complete stack (FC/ESC/VTX) on a 20×20 size and up to 6S !!

It is a super light stack with ~18g, and can support up to 35A per ESC (XT30), which will allow you to use it for 3inch with 1506 motors for example on 4S LIPO, or for a super light 5inch toothpick !

Moreover this stack has several advantages like the wire to connect the ESC and the FC, the MMCX antenna and an output power of 350mw.

So if you are looking for a 20×20 stack from the ESC to the VTX, the HGLRC F435 is something to consider, specially for a price around 62$ on Banggood. You can get it cheaper by using the ‘TOTOFPV_FD435‘ discount code on the HGLRC website directly.

Let’s do a tour of this stack !!

As you could see in this picture, everything is provided in this little nice box, all wires, and connectors for the mmcx antenna too (you have also a basic antenna included just in case). Please note that this stack is using M2 screws, so check with your frame !


  • Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo
  • Constant Current: 35A
  • Peak Current: 40A(10s)
  • BEC Ouput: NO
  • Size: 36x36mm 
  • Installing Hole: 20x20mm,M2
  • Weight: 6.5g
  • CPU:STM32F051
  • Support Damped Mode:
  • DSHOT1200/600/300/150/Oneshot125/42,MultiShot

It is probably the most important thing in this stack: the ESC supports up to 6S and 35A (and 40A during 10 seconds). It is freaking awesome for a 20×20 size and allows you to have much more versatile builds.

By default the RPM filtering will not be available for this ESC, so please sure to upgrade it with the latest version via BLHELI_32 to get this feature from Betaflight 4.1.1 enabled.

Flight Controller

  • CPU: STM32F405R6T6
  • MPU: MPU6000-SPI
  • Input Voltage: 2-6S Lipo 
  • Built-in Betaflight OSD to adjust PID
  • BEC Output: 5V@3A
  • Size: 25.0×25.0mm 
  • Installing Hole: 20X20mm,M2
  • Weight:4.7g

So the FC is an F4 based (OMNIBUSF4V6 target in Betaflight) and supports many UARTs to:

  • receiver telemetry
  • VTX
  • GPS
  • ESC telemetry
  • rx receiver

Of course you can also add any buzzer/led because these pins are available too.

I flashed this FC to the latest version of Betaflight in order to use the RPM filtering (please upgrade the ESC firmware).


  • Output Power: PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/350mW Switchable
  • Control Mode: BFOSD Control(RX)/Button
  • BAT: 7-26V, 
  • BEC 5V-1A,
  • 250mA—-350mW
  • Video System: NTSC/PAL
  • Antenna: MMCX
  • Size: 24*27mm
  • Installing Hole: 20x20mm,M2
  • Weight: 2.7g

This VTX is super nice, specially:

  • the MMCX
  • the output power to 350mw
  • support smartaudio to allow dynamic modification in the OSD

Moreover you could use directly the wires provided to solder it to your camera directly.


I did a 3inch racer for this setup by using:

It was really a pleasure to solder the motors or anything else in this stack because the pins are not super tiny (which could be annoying some times). The 4300kv motors go up to 22A on 4S which is below the 35A of the stack, so I will come up with another build and article to push the limits of this stack !!

I recorded a simple flight to show you how it performs with DEFAULT pids on betaflight 4.1.2.

So this stack is a must have if you are looking for something up to 35A for a 20×20 size ! You can get it and you will not have any surprise !










  • Super light and strong for a 3inch racer
  • Perfect for your 5inch toothpick !

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