Extend the range of the Mobula6 with TBS Crossfire

The Mobula6 is really one of the best 65mm tinywhoop that you could find at the moment

The range of the internal receiver (spi frsky/flysky) could be a problem if you would like go a little bit far away (you will still be limited by the 25mw VTX).

But hopefully, HappyModel let some available pads connector if you would like to add an external receiver, so I decided to put a TBS Nano Crossfire RX.

This mod will add 2g (receiver + mini immortal T antenna) to the Mobula6, so still ok to flight quickly.

But this mod requires some good skills soldering because the pads are really tiny and close to many elements, so if you haven’t done any soldering, please do not do that 🙂

So the FC of the Mobula6 have the UART1 available. So we will use the TX1, RX1, +5V, GND, all these pads are close to the M4 motor connector:

My advice is to solder the +5v the first one probably because it is pretty annoying to access it, other pads are ‘fine’.

You can put the wires of the tbs receiver like the one used by the Runcam Nano 3, it will not be a problem for the props.

After that you need to do 2 modifications in Betaflight/Emuflight, just to support the crossfire.

In the ‘Ports’ tab, please enable ‘Serial RX’ for the UART1:

And select in the ‘Configuration’ tab the ‘Serial-based’ and ‘CRSF’, and that’s all:

Normally everything will work fine and you will have now a better range for your tinywhoop !

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  1. Does it change the flight characteristic a lot? In your opinion should I get this and add crossfire or get something like betafpv meteor 65 or the upcoming eachine uz65 since those have the board with no RX built in

  2. Thanks for the picture-by-picture guide. Helps me a lot. I did this for my mobula6 HD. Still using the same pad locations. Agree with you on the 5v pad..to little clearance for my solder iron to reach the pad.

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