Extend the range of your SPI receiver (Meteor65, Mobula6 …)

If you got any brushless board with an SPI receiver (Frsky/Flysky) you have noticed that the range is pretty limited outdoor (few meters) and even indoor (if you have multiple walls).

You can replace the original antenna with a better one to increase this range, but it needs a little bit of soldering. I will show you how to do it with the Meteor65 (so any betafpv brushless 1S board) or the Mobula6 (so all the crazybeelite board).

So you will need few things:

The first step is to remove the IPEX connector in order to have the signal wire and the ground wire:

When this step is done, just put a little bit of tin lead around the two parts:

And solder on the top part a simple wire that you will use to connect to the ground PAD (the one of the LIPO connector for example).

Next you will need to remove the original antenna of the board, like for example on the betafpv 1S board, like the Meteor65:

For the Mobula6 it is exactly the same process.

After that you will need to solder the new antenna to the original antenna hole and the extended wire to the ground (take the one of the LIPO connector) like:

After that it is pretty fragile so please add a little bit of antenna glue to secure it !

So I tested (I will post a video later) indoors and it improve a lot the link with the radio ! You can do the same steps on all your drone if you want to extend the range !

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  1. Hey! Can I use RF113 antenna instead? For example: https://www.banggood.com/2_4G-WiFi-Receiver-Antenna-RF113-Silver-Plated-15cm-10Pcs-p-1125395.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN
    Is there any difference between those two antennas?
    I’ve got Flysky receiver and the reception is quite poor. I am afraid that the ground cable might somehow damage the built in receiver in Mobula6 if soldered incorettly (touching anything other than shield of the antenna).

  2. Hey! Can I use RF113antenna instead? For example:https://www.banggood.com/2_4G-WiFi-Receiver-Antenna-RF113-Silver-Plated-15cm-10Pcs-p-1125395.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CNIs there anydifference between those two antennas?I’ve got Flyskyreceiver and the reception is quite poor. I am afraid that the groundcable might somehow damage the built in receiver in Mobula6 ifsoldered incorettly (touching anything other than shield of theantenna).  
    Maybe something from there: https://www.aliexpress.com/af/frsky-ipex.html?trafficChannel=af&d=y&CatId=0&SearchText=frsky+ipex&ltype=affiliate&isFreeShip=y&SortType=total_tranpro_desc&page=1&groupsort=1

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