Review: RacerX FPV Twiglet Mini Frame (the little monster in your pocket …)

I’m a big fan of RacerXFPV work ! It is not a secret !

I like the quality of the frame, how it is designed, the canopy and all things included that you need to do a build.

So when I saw this Twiglet Mini, I was really crazy.

It is a 85mm motor to motor frame, 1.5mm thick with a true-x design ! You will have the ability to choose any classical 4 hole 9X9 mm or 3 hole 6x6mm, so basically all classical 1103/1102/08XX from any brands. To manage that you will be able to mount a classical whoop board (5A,12A depends od your build).

BUT that’s only the frame ! In the kit and by ordering via you will be able to get a bicolor and strong canopy too (and wait the shipping cost is 6$ for international shipping ….)

A lipo strap, screws, hqprop props, wire clip, motor guard, candys are also included !!! 🙂

And it is not finish because they have also added LIPO holder for 1S, 2S, 3S that is really easy to lock/unlock in the frame, without removing anything from your build, so change it on the fly if you need !

So I decided to do a nice 3 inch 40mm props build:

Not bad, no ?

But how it flight ?? Check the following video that I recorded indoor and outdoor (and subscribe to my channel :)):

I’m sure that you don’t know that a 40mm props could fly like that ! And it is a 49g build, you could have really something lighter !

So YES, GET IT, QUICKLY, IT IS AN ORDER !! I’m sure that you have spare 75mm drone somewhere that doesn’t work anymore, it is time to have a nice setup !!!

RacerX FPV Twiglet Mini


Strong frame/canopy


Mount hole for the motors


Quality of the carbon


LIPO holder



  • Best carbon frame for 40mm props
  • Too much things included, THAT'S CRAZY !!!

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