Review: NewBeeDrone 0802 20000kv Brushless Motors – Plaid Edition

The PLAID motor edition are the highest 0802 kv brushless motor that you could get from Newbeedrone.

The motors are packaged in a nice little box, provided with spare JST 2.0 classical connectors (because they are designed to be used with the Hummingbird FC, so JST-1.0).

These motors are designed mainly for 1S on a 65mm build of course (if you want to use it on 75mm frame, the wire will be a little too short).

These motors are only 2.05g compared to 2.07g for the gold motors.

Here few specifications from Newbeedrone:

  • 0802 Motor Size
  • 20,000kv (1s)
  • 1mm Shaft size
  • Lead wire solder pads
  • JST-1.0 Plugs installed
  • 24mm cable length

For testing I replaced the gold motors directly for the plaid motors, and there is really a difference.

The motors provide a lot of power in the low throttle and are really smooth. I have a bunch of 0802 motors and the behavior is not exactly the same as other (like the 19500kv / 25000kv).

The control of these motors are perfect of indoor and really responsive, much more compared to the gold one !

As you could see from the video, these motors performed really good. If you are looking for high quality motors for an ultra speed racing 65mm drone, it is really a must have !!!

NewBeeDrone 0802 20000kv Brushless Motors - Plaid Edition











  • PCB is super accessible to change the wire !!


  • Default JST-1.0 connector

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  1. Salut,
    What about voltage drop? Not too much? Flight times are similar to the happymodel/ BetaFPV 20k motors?

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