DJI FPV: Best frame

DJI FPV is pretty expensive, specially the DJI air unit or the caddx vista. You will need to choose the best frame to protect these components correctly, where the DJI air unit will fit correctly and specially a frame to handle an hard crash. That’s why I did this list for you, only the best.

Without any doubt the AK47 frame and Holyshit frames are the best. These frames contains all TPU part that you could need and are done with the best carbon, screws etc that you could find. Yes these frames are expensive but you want the best no ?

But I added other low budget frame in case 🙂

This page will be updated weekly to contain the best information.

AK47 frame By Team Mistral (5/6 inch frame and 7 inch deadcat !)

Really the best carbon in the world … Designed in France by Team Mistral, this frame is the best for DJI air unit. The frame is quite impossible to break, provided with high quality of TPU. If you have a good budget, do not search another frame because THIS frame is the best. Only available from one shop, but they ship internationally and quickly.

  • 6mm arm
  • DJI AIR Unit support / Caddx Vista
  • 20×20 / 30×30 FC support
  • DJI/SMA/Immortal T/GPS
  • all TPU parts are available on thingiverse
  • No props in GoPro (with the 7 inch deadcat)

HOLYSHIT Frame / Vega FX HD by Dauch (5/6/7 inch frame)

Holyshit Signature Series or VEGA FX-HD is also one of the best frame. Designed by Dauch and Stephane Couchoud, this frame will protected pretty well the DJI AIR unit and offers a lot of 3D TPU elements.

  • 5mm arm
  • DJI air unit support
  • DJI/SMA/Immortal T/GPS

NewBeeDrone Vivid (5 inch frame)

NewbeeDrone Vivid frame is a good quality and design frame. It was moreover one of the first DJI Frame.

Armattan Marmotte DJI (5 inch frame)

Armattan Badger DJI (5/6 inch frame)

IFlight DC5 (5 inch frame)

Flywoo MrCroc (5/6/7 inch frame)

BetaFPV 95X (2.5 inch frame)

Lightest frame for the Caddx Vista !

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