Review: EMAX TinyHawk II Race

EMAX strikes back with a new version of the TinyHawk II, a race version, but with a carbon + no duct version, a la ‘toothpick’. I’m a big fan of the TinyHawk II specially with Emuflight, because it is probably my best 2S build, and all flights are perfect. But also because it can handle so many crash and the hardware is pretty solid too.

So when EMAX release the race version, I was pretty interested. How is it ? let’s do a tour !!

The main changements that we could see compare to the TinyHawk II are:

  • No duct, so 2 inch props
  • Props are pushed, so no screws
  • Carbon frame
  • Still 2x1S LIPO JST 2.0 connector

As usual EMAX provides a nice box to transport the drone, with everything you need to flight:

  • 2 x 1S 450mah LIPO
  • lipo charger
  • props

The carbon frame is 2mm, cut in a pretty solid one, 90mm wheelbase.

Canopy is the same as the TinyHawk II, pretty strong, protect well the camera and ajustable angle ! The FC is also the same and is rated up to 5A which is pretty unbelievable with these perfomances …

The camera is the Runcam Nano 2 which I really like, as you could see in the video, with sun or not the image is always good. Moreover motors are directly solder to the FC, so one more optimisation to save weight !

Motors are 1103 7500kv from EMAX, with 1.5mm shaft but a 3 mounting holes. I have test a lot of 1103 and well these motors are excellent, strong, powerful and super controllable !

USB port is super accessible behind the canopy, just near the VTX. About the VTX it seems the same that we have with the TinyHawk II, so power output up to 200mw !

The total weight of this drone is 47g which is really light and will offer a lot of good performance.

But even if on the technical part, all components are good, well designed and all optimized, how is it in the reality ?

I did few records to show you how it performs, on 2S only. The two first videos is with the PID tuning that EMAX did, and contrary to the TinyHawk II, it is pretty good. Next I did some modifications with Emuflight and it is even better !

Not bad ? One thing to notice is how this drone is super silent. Super useful if you want to do that in your garden.

But I decided to try it on Emuflight which I think is doing a better job for tinywhoop/toothpick. And as usual it was not a mistake, even if it was good on Betaflight, it is fucking good with Emuflight. So here my diff configuration (and the original PID from Betaflight just before).

Some more things could be done like changing the PH2.0 connectors for an XT30, which will be much more practical.

This drone is a must have in 2020 like the TinyHawk II. You will have 2m30 of pure adrenaline. Maybe it is a little expensive for 115$, but you will not be disapointed ! Trust me !

EMAX TinyHawk II Race



















  • Freaking good !!

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  1. Awesome review…. Was wondering… I have the older x9d+ radio so what would be best d8 or d16 for radio set up? Also… does the vtx come unlocked or do we have to do that ourselves? Thanks again for a great review…. we just picked on up and can’t wait to get it in the air!

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