Diatone TinaWhoop

The TinaWhoop is a a new tinywhoop from Diatone, preinstalled with FalcoX. You will find a 2S and 2/3S version.

The main specifications are the following:

  • 86mm F4 2S 1.6 Inch Cinewhoop FPV Racing Drone
  • Wheelbase: 86mm
  • Camera: RUNCAM NANO2                                                       
  • Antenna: Copper pipe antenna                                                                                 
  • FC: MAMBA F411AIO Flight Controller (Falcox)
  • ESC: MAMBA 13A ESC Dshot 600
  • 12000kv or 85000kv 1103 motors (mamba motors)

Using the Runcam Nano 2 is really a good choice because this camera performs so well in all conditions. Moreover Diatone provides some sets of free ducts with wonderful colors !

But it is also the first cinewhoop of this size with FalcoX which is a nice improvement ! Specially because the AIO FC is now supported by FalcoX.

The drone is not cheap (160$) but it seems pretty good and if you add any insta360 one you will be able to have a nice stabilized record !

Why ‘TinaWhoop’ name ? Because one of their main sale are ‘Tina’ and it is a drone for her 🙂

You will find some pre-review of this one, and soon on this blog too:

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