Review: BetaFPV 1102 18000kv – most powerful 1102/1S motors ?

Looking for the best 1102 motors on 1S ? The 18000kv version from BetaFPV are pretty insane !

These motors are packaged in a nice little box to protect them, and here few specifications form BetaFPV (note that you have also a 13500kv version):

  • Height: 15.2mm
  • Weight: 2.95g (1 pcs)
  • Shaft: φ1.5mm
  • Motor Mount Holes: 6.6mm
  • KV (rpm/V): 13500 / 18000KV
  • Input Voltage: 1-2S LIPO
  • Plug and cables: Micro JST-1.25 3-pin connector with 30AWG cables

I tried these motors mainly on 1S in two build: a classic 75mm whoop (40mm props) and a light toothpick (65mm props). It seems a good configuration but these motors support also 2S. Please note you will need a 12amp fc board in this case otherwise your will fry your board.

But on 2S, it is super speed on a 75mm build but the flight time was so low (< 2 min), that’s why I prefer to use them on 1S.

Nothing more to say more about these motors except that you will need to push the props because there is no support for screws. The ball bearing used is really a plus and the motors are much more smooth compared to other.

Moreover they have a PCB to solder the wire which is REALLY a must have right now, just super practical when you crash a motor and avoid to put it in the trash !

For the next videos I used quite the same FC board:

I really like the toothpick one, super fun, silent and speed ! You can use the HX100 SE frame which the lightest frame and T300 carbon. For the props I’m using the biblade 65mm from HQProp which seems the best in this size.

1102 Brushless Motors










PCB support



  • Insane for light toothpick !

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  1. Would the 18000kv work with the beta/crazybee 1s boards on a 75mm whoop? I want to try but afraid it won’t work or burn the board.

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