Review: NewBeeDrone AcroBee BeeBrain Brushless (guide, setup, pid)

The Beebrain Brushless from Newbeedrone is 65mm 1s tiny whoop. In 2020 we got already good 65mm whoop like the Mobula6 or the Meteor65. So how could be this one ? Newbeedrone is well known to have quality products and a long history in the whoop world with their brushed version. I performed a lot of tests/flights with it to find the best way to use it !

Few specifications directly from their website:

  • 3x built-in LED’s (programmable through Betaflight)
  • VTX control through OSD
  • 2S capable
  • F4 STM32F411 Processor
  • Approx. 23.5g dry weight
  • 0802 18000kv motors
  • Turtle Mode capable
  • 4 Channel 12A BLHeliS ESC with BB21 MCU
  • NewBeeDrone anti-reverse JST PH-2.0 Power Lead
  • Voltage and current sensor
  • NewBeeDrone OSD Chips(betaflight compatible)
  • Diversity rx
  • VTX configurable on OSD (40 channels,) US version will have some illegal channel locked, support 25mW,100mW, and off.

Well the first thing that you could notice is that the FC is an AIO with embedded VTX which save a lot of weight for a tinywhoop.

Moreover it is a not an SPI RX one which is pretty good for the flight range, and with a VTX up to 100mW it start to be really interesting.

The Azure props are also interesting even if I prefer clearly the gemfan or the hqprop. The feeling is way better with these last two props.

The ‘cockroachframe is pretty durable, really I got a lot of crash and nothing break yet ! I like the bay for the 1S LIPO, because it is super easy to insert it and it will not move during the flight. You will be able to find it in multiple colors too.

But you can also add any rubber band to it if you wish to bring a 2S LIPO for another setup !!

I didn’t find a lot of specs for the camera which seems a 600TVL but check the videos, the quality is really good.

The canopy IS really good, not sure how I missed it previously, because it can be used in many other build and available in multiple colors. But the main key is that it allow to cool down the FC/VTX and protect them correctly. An extra hole is also present for the VTX antenna to have a correct position. Of course the camera is well protected by the small extra plastic on top.

When you got it, for example the FrSky version, it is super simple to bind it by plugging the LIPO and push the receiver button to bind, check the color of the led changed when it is binded.

I performed few flights to show you how this tinywhoop is doing for raced led track, without any modification.

The main drawbacks is really the flight time, with any 1S 300mah that I tried it is really below 2 mins which seems really disappointed now 🙁

You can increase a little bit your flight time by flashing the default firmware of the ESC. Normally it is the Y-H-10# version, but you can flash safely by using S-H-40 version. Please check this article to flash it with this version

Moreover I switched the 18000kv version to the 200000kv one to see how it performs. And I prefers this drone with 20000kv motors because it offer you much more speed and these motors are performing so well.

I was not a big fan of PMB with Betaflight on this 65mm so I decided to do mine with Emuflight, and I like it ! It is really now super fun and agile for outside acro !

You will be able to flash it by getting the diff file and the HEX firmware directly from this page where I put all my config:

So yes this 65mm tiny whoop is super nice quality, flight extremely well with the default tune (but try mine :)). You will not be disappointed to have such drone during the lockdown ! So grab one !!

NewBeeDrone AcroBee BeeBrain Brushless



















  • Great hardware quality and reliable !
  • Perfect with Emuflight !


  • Not too many flight time by default

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