SEND IT ! 0802 Motors testing !

In the past I have been reviewing many 0802 motors and it was already not super easy to remember how others motors performed and to compare them.

So I decided to use the same build (a mobula6 base, with gemfan 3 blades props, fc/VTX/canopy from the mobula6, and GNB 1S 300mah) and to retest all the 0802 motors that I have in the same place, with each time the same track (well, my garden :)).

I hope you will like it and help you to decide which one you could get, because by watching just the video you will see a lot of difference between these 0802 motors. I will keep up this page with latest videos that I added !

Here a direct link to the playlist !

HappyModel 0802 22000kv

IFLIGHT XING 0802 22000kv

HappyModel 0802 25000kv

TinyWhoop Pickle Juice 20500kv

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