Review: TinyTrainer Five33 Frame kit !

The TinyTrainer frame kit from Five33 is a new AIO kit that you MUST have this year. It is just the most complete kit for a 3 inch size that you will not be afraid to flight in rude environment. It is good for racing, freestyle, bando, whatever you like with your classic 5 inch but in a special tiny format ! Let’s do a tour !

According to Five33: “The TinyTrainer was developed for Evan “Headsup” Turner to practice flying big drones in his little backyard but became so much more. The flight characteristics of this drone, with the recommended build, result in a racing experience only found in the PRO FPV racing leagues.“. Like me you don’t have (maybe you will have, not me:)) the skills of Evan Turner, but it is still a good value ?

For me yes, and to be honnest I have been really surprised by the performance and the quality of this kit. The first time that I see a picture of the TinyTrainer, I thought : “2mm frame with 1404 motors is not a good idea, it will break easily“. But I was wrong. The carbon is good and the design of the frame is giving to this frame a high solidity.

The carbon is 2mm and 140mm motors to motors.

Moreover you could see that the carbon is not cut in the wrong direction, but it is the last layer which is a cosmetic weave, because the internal layup is 45/-45, see this photo:

The kit costs 35$ so it is pretty cheap with all the things they included in the box:

  1. 1 Tiny Trainer 2mm Carbon Frame
  2. 1 TPU Parts Set (Cam Mount, Battery Tray, Fin, vtx mount)
  3. 1 Smoked Black Poly-carbonate canopy
  4. 8×6 mm M2 Button Head Hex Drive Screw
  5. 4×16 mm  M2 Button Head Hex Drive Screw
  6. 8xM2 nylon Nuts
  7. 4×16 mm M2 Standoffs
  8. 8×4″ Nylon Cable Ties

So in the next sections, I tried to show you how to build it step by step. It is not difficult but pretty sure it can help many people.

Here the current elements that I used (best deals on Please note that you can use also the Flywoo 1404 motors which are pretty good. Not sure if the BetaFPV 1404 will work due to the size of the canopy that could hit the propellers.

So as a first step you can mount your motors, and be prepare to use some LEDs 🙂 Personnally I got already some Flywoo led which are pretty good. But a pretty awesome kit from tinyleds are available too so you can use it and it looks pretty awesome:

So as I said, mount your motors and your racewires:

The huge TPU sheet provided is useful 🙂 it is where you will put your LIPO, for 3S 550mah/520mah. It is just clever …. Because the LIPO will be perfectly handle and they provided for free different size to print yourself. Start by attaching the TPU lipo case like that to be sure that it will hold correctly the LIPO during flight:

Then you are ready to add your FC and finish to wire the motors to it. Please note to the orientation of the board, front of the frame is left here:

Now, insert your receiver in the back of the frame:

And use the other TPU piece to seperate the VTX and the receiver, by attaching it to the screw of the FC and the standoff:

Please note it not super easy to add the camera mount at this step without removing the front standoff. The camera mount provided is for classic nano camera like the runcam racer nano2 but they provided other camera mount like for the predator nano:

And now add this awesome HQ canopy ! TADAAA ! As you could see the HQ canopy contains a small hole in the front, probably to do some air cooling because it will be quite enclosed after that ?

Ok just wait before using the nylon cable ties to secure it, or keep the arm close to the USB port without one to do the configuration in betaflight:

They added also this weid triangle tpu piece which will be use for a safe turtle mode !

On my side, I enabled RPM filtering in the BetaFPV 20A board and I used Betaflight 4.2 with the provided settings from Five33, and it works super well !

You will be able to find two videos of this frame and the setup I described, by using a GNB 3S 520mah:

Yes this kit is absolutely a must have if you want to rip a drone quickly, even for racing or freestyle. Moreover all their TPU parts are available which really a big plus ! The frame and the canopy are pretty solid which can also give you more confidence to try new tricks because you will not destroy your tiny drone in 2 seconds.

The size of this frame is phenomenal because it really looks like a 5 inch racer 🙂

It seems that Five33 is doing their own 1404 motors which will be a real value (even if the iflight/flywoo 1404 are pretty good already). Moreover a DJI HQ Canopy will be super awesome to support the caddx vista/nebula !

TinyTrainer Frame Kit






FC mounting holes





  • All elements are available on thingiverse for upgrade
  • Hqprop canopy is a killing feature and beautiful with led !
  • Price is super interesting


  • Need a DJI canopy for the Caddx vista support

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  1. Hi thanks for the tutorial, have a question on the betafpv 20amp V3 AIO board sbus is not marked as a uart just sbus so I don’t no tx and rx it is covering , I am using crossfire and tinytank vtx so I don’t want to be using a sbus tx By mistake as it’s obvious that it’s sharing one of them .

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