Review: XING 0802 motors

It is always difficult to review motors because it is clearly a feeling from the reviewer, it is something personnal that you have with the machine, and in many cases a large population of people will share this feeling.

In order to test these motors I created a build that I used to test all others 0802 motors that I have (more are coming) so it will give you a more generic way to feel how they performed. You can access the playlist on youtube here (click top corner right for next videos):

Let’s back to the XING 0802 motors. It is always interesting to see a new manufacturer to do tiny motors. Why ? because it is pretty expensive to produce them compared to big one, and you can’t sell them the price of a 2207 motors for example 🙂 So you need to do a lot of volumes to have something interesting from the financial point of view. That’s could explain why there is only Betafpv and Happymodel in this course ( motors are a low cost rebranding of Happymodel).

There is two versions: the 17000kv and 22000kv versions. I reviewed the 22000kv motors.

  • Model: XING NANO X0802
  • KV: 17000KV / 22000KV
  • Input Voltage: 1-2S Lipo
  • Configuration: 9N10P
  • Stator Diameter: 2mm
  • Shaft: 1mm
  • Dimension: 11.4*9.1mm
  • Weight: 2.2g (with 30mm wire plug) but I got 1.95g

Yes these motors are beautiful, it is the first thing that you see right ? Well ok it was also the price because it is the double compare to an HappyModel one.

The wires are sufficient to be used in any 65/75mm build and for sure the magnets are pretty strong.

As I said earlier, I used the same build for testing which is beasically a Mobula6, so a 65mm frame where I swaped only the motors.

Clearly if you checked carefully the video, I need to use much more the throttle to not fall down quickly and do some tricks. These motors are still smooth for indoors and efficient so it is not a bad value. But for a little bit of freestyle outdoor on 65mm the HappyModel one are really better.

But well I was curious to see how they performed on a 75mm build like a Mobulite (a Mobula6 on a 75mm frame) and now you could feel how they are:

Indeed they are not performing as other 22kv motors on a 65mm, not sure why … But on a 75mm build it is the best way to use them !!

XING 0802















  • Not a tiny pcb for the motor wire

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