DJI FPV: Best analog mod

You switched to DJI FPV and still want to use analog tinywhoop or drone ? Or just want to buy analog drone but still keep the awesome goggle from DJI. It is still possible without removing the warranty (so you don’t need to open the mask) and without soldering.

To use the analog input of your mask, just go to ‘Settings -> Device IN’. Moreover you will be able to record your flight by clicking on the RECORD button.

Right now, there is two simple solutions to put your rapidfire, foxeer, tbs receiver to your DJI FPV Goggle. The first one is really cheap and works well, where the second one is much more expensive but the integration in the goggle is well finished.

Cheapest solution: URUAV

This solution consists of two distinct products:

For the electronic module I suggest to use the URUAV 5.8GHZ DJI adapter, which is pretty cheap (12$) and reliable. Moreover all cables are provided for the video input and the redirection of the LIPO connector for the DJI goggle.

For the case that you will fix in the DJI goggle, you can use the V3 module of URUAV for 9$:

By using these two cheapest module, you will get something reliable.

Best solution: DIGIDAPTER

It is clearly the best and most beautiful solution right now to support analog mod for your DJI goggle. It is the DIGIDAPTER fro 55$, and contains all necessary cable to use directly your analog receiver.

All you need is to remove the front of your DJI goggle (it doesn’t remove the warranty) and put their instead because your will plug directly your analog receiver in the front, which is also a big plus for the signal reception.

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