GEPRC Thinking P16: nice DJI whoop ?

The GEPRC Thinking P16 is the evolution of the GEPRC cineeye which was a great drone.

Now it is DJI ready with the Caddx Nebula Nano. Moreover it is one of the first DJI tinywhoop ! Pretty exiting to see it !! Is it good ?

Let’s start !

So it is a 79mm wheelbase with 1103 motors 8000kv, that should be powered on 3S 300mah to maintain a good ration weight / power. You could use 2S 450mah too. You can go up to 3 minutes of flight time, I got 3 minutes with pretty agressive flight that you could see in the video below, if you are cruising more than 3 minutes. Moreover the sound of the drone is quite reasonable, so perfect for a little garden with a 3S.

It is a 79mm wheelbase but with 40mm propellers, classic 4 blades gemfan.

  • Flight Controller:GEP-12A-F4 AIO
  • Camera: Caddx Vista Nebula
  • Motor to motor:79mm
  • Propeller:Gemfan 1635
  • Antenna:5.8G
  • Motor:GR1103 8000KV
  • Weight:64g without battery
  • Receiver:Without Receiver(PNP)/Frsky R-XSR / Frsky XM+ / FlySky A8S / TBS NanoRX 

The global weight is pretty good with 64g for something with DJI camera ! The Nebula is hold via 2 screws on the canopy and directly on the FC. It could be a better idea to add some isolation but I don’t get any trouble.

BTW the FC is the GEPRC 12A AIO, so it will handle perfectly the 1103 motors 8000Kv on 3S. I thought the drone could be too heavy for 1103 but with 3S it is really not bad at all.

I found few drawbacks by testing heavily this drone as usual:

  • the wires of the caddx (the wires for +5v, gnb etc) or the antenna are really too close to the props, be sure to block them correctly in the frame and check between each flight. I cut some of them during crash too
  • The antenna is also too close from the props, be sure to hold it on the top
  • The lipo holder is too small for all 3S LIPO. Cut it and use a strap and it will works perfectly.
  • The caddx Nebula Nano is clearly not as good as the vista so it is a little bit disapointed 🙁

You can do really long flight time, pretty pleasant because the tune is GOOD. Really it is super well done and works pefectly on 2/3S.

You can do also more agressive flight, and no yaw washout or other weird behavior.

Except few drawbacks it is globally a good shot from GEPRC with this DJI whoop, specially this size and propellers. The price is also pretty correct for all the elements in the drone with the nebula. I have not said but they are selling to a classical non DJI version too ! If you are still in analog it is a good one too 🙂
















  • Well tune and super nice to flight by default


  • Wire cables are close to the props 🙁
  • LIPO holder are not super well for 3S due to the exiting and different size

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