Review: Eachine UZ65

The Eachine UZ65 is a 65mm whoop with 35mm propellers. The idea was to have something much more powerful on 1S by keeping the 65mm frame size. Is it good ?

This drone is clearly not a bad 65mm whoop, and could be a perfect one for beginner. It is not too fast, the tune is correct and th frame/canopy not easily breakable. If you are a more advance pilots, the mobula6 is still a best choice despite the 31mm props, because this one is a little bit too heavy and it has an effect of the speed.

  • Wheelbase: 65mm
  • Size: 80mm80mm40mm
  • Weight(without battery): 21g
  • Weight(with battery): 29g
  • SE0802 19000KV
  • HQPROP 35mm-3blades
  • CrazybeeF4FR
  • VTX 25mw~100mw
  • Runcam Nano 3

Clearly all the components are good and classic, except the HQProp 35mm which are good and performs well.

The frame and the canopy are pretty solid, and have indeed a 65mm frame size for the 35mm props (turtle mode is working). That’s here the new feature that could be interested. But with 21g it is a little bit too heavy to have awesome performance like the M6 (under 20g).

The motors are Eachine 0802 19000kv which seems from Happymodel so solid and strong. The flight controller seems to be a specific version of the crazybee to fit in the small space in the frame, so other FC will not fit at all (with strong pin for the PH2.0 connector).

The good points are really the fix of jello with the Runcam Nano 3 (one of the best camera for tinywhoop), so no worry about that (check my videos). And the canopy is open so no problem with the heat of the VTX.

They did the choice to have an external VTX that can power up to 100mw, so clearly extend the range compare to the 25mw. To be honnest it could be good with external receiver, but with SPI frsky/flysky it doesn’t change something at all.

The default tune on Betaflight is GOOD. It fight really well on acro and you can fly directly after binding your radio (btw the drone is sent in a nice case with spare props, notice, lipo).

So for the price of 99$ it is not a bad one, but the performance are still far from the Mobula6 where you can get crazy flights:

Eachine UZ65



















  • Price
  • No jello for the Runcam Nano 3


  • Lack of punch

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